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Shootout format spreadsheet for MS Excel

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I have been looking for a spreadsheet to use for our club's races this year where we are featuring a shootout format race for the more populated classes. This way, all the top drivers keep racing each other. I could not find any really well working software or spreadsheets that would work for our needs and simplicity of use. So, I created one in Microsoft Excel. I would like to offer this to everybody who would like to try this exciting format at their races. This is the simplest of formats to use. It can be modified to suit your needs. If you know a little about Excel, you will get by with this easy to use spreadsheet. All the calculations are done for you, as a user, you will need to only enter names, scores, sort and copy/paste to a print sheet for the next round. This spreadsheet will require a printer at the pond or, pre-printed heat sheets that are filled out and posted so drivers know the next heat they are running in. My Excel is limited, and I tried to automate as much as I could. We will be trying the software this weekend to see how it works. It can be customized for your needs, it is setup for our first race this year but it may not meet your needs. If you have questions, feel free to email me or feel free to edit this and customize it for your own use. I only ask that if you make it better, send me a sample so I can make mine better! The file had to be Zipped for attachment so please un-zip it when you download it.


Badger Model Boat club Shootout spreadsheet blank.zip


Dave Halverson Dist. 4 IMPBA/ Badger Model Boat Club Secretary

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rcRacingEvents does this with ease. Give me a call when you are free and I can give you more info. 440-665-2397





We're going to try it this year for the first time at our Can-Am!

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