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Ken Haines

District 3 has added 4 FE Classes to all 2018 races

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Final Reminder District 3 FE Racers,

This Sunday March 18th is the final day to sign up for the Brandon Race.

Here is the link for the race entry and all the details.



To date there are;

4 -racers in P-Ltd Cat

4 -racers in P-Ltd Mono

5 -racers in P-Mono

4 -racers in Q-Mono


Thx to those of you who have entered, but we are still hoping to get a few more.

Brandon is a great site and very wind protected so the water is almost always perfect for FE racing.

Take a last look at this event and give it a shot if at all possible.

We really want the Electric racing to continue to grow here in our Florida district.

Looks like I will not be able to attend myself, sorry about that..

Fede and I Hope to see everyone soon at future races.

Now get signed up !!!

Thx again,


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