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Josh Carlton

district 4 race schedule 2018

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We had good winter meeting

The club presidents

See attached

Awards were

David Preusses. High points 1/8th Scale and overall District

Al Archer Sportsmanship award...... thanks Dan took me by surprise

Dan Pralle LSG sport hydro high points

Keith Ray barely edged out Chad for thunderboat high points

Keith Ray by only 50 points won Thunderbolt high points

Doug Peterson won super sport mono High points

And of course Mr bandit bouts Chad Greene won JS high points..... I've beat him once

Dates for district 4 races in 2018.pdf

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Not sure why the Badger Club Race information didn't get translated correctly.


The May 19-20 race is now what we call our Spring Memorial Race. A two day - 5 heat event utilizing the shootout format.


The July 7-8 race is now called something on the order of the Firecracker Challenge. Again a two day - 5 heat race also utilizing the 5 heat and shootout format.


The Turkey Shoot was squeezed out by the schedule and in place of it we decided to focus back on what it was originally intended for and that was a fun run type event, and not a race. In its place we are looking to do a Badger Model Boat Club Regatta. This is an event with boats of all types. (sport, sail etc.) The date of August 25 is very tentative as well as the event itself and should not have been included in the D4 Race schedule.


Thanks to all the D4 Clubs for adjusting their original race dates so we could accommodate our goal of reaching more space between our venues.



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