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Andy Greene

Posting Pictures Help Thread -

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A while back I did a thread on - How To Post Pictures - for various reasons I took it down. Recently an old acquaintance asked about where that thread went , I re-typed it and sent it to him as an instructional to the way I do it. After doing so, I realized , it wouldn't hurt to re-post it here as well. What the hell, it is the Holiday Season and all. ;)

Keeping in mind this is just one of many ways to post pictures in the "For Sale" section- this is pretty simple way to post pictures that I use.

If you have any questions about the process , feel free to ask here and I will answer them and help out when I can.


The way I post pictures is using TinyPic.com - although others will tell ya there are better ways- this is what I have found to work best for me and its easy.

First thing will be to have your pictures -Im not sure if you have existing pics in your computer or you need to take them and then load onto your computer.
If you already have them downloaded to your computer , great. We are going to access them from where you would normally open your pictures you have downloaded.
I normally open IW in one window, then open a second window and go to http://tinypic.com/
The first page you will see will be this one -


From there just click - " Choose File " and upload the picture from whatever file or place you put it on your computer.
You may have to type in a security code if prompted- that will come in a message on the screen instantly.
Once the image uploads - you will have 4 options to save it too.

HTML for Websites

IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards

URL for E-Mail & IM

Direct Link for Layouts

Choose the second option down- IMG Code for Forums and Message Boards.
Left click in that field and copy that code. The copied area will turn black if its right- if not try and Left click a second a time
Then simply right click and " copy " -

Once you have that done- just re-open the first window you had IW on and paste that copied photo "code" to the thread or reply you want it on.

Right click and "paste" .


Its really not as complicated as text makes it, and once you do it 1 time you will get it very easily.


If you need a hand , just ask.


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Its a piece of cake Robert, follow the steps 1 at a time and you cant go wrong.

If you get the error you described- you didnt use tinypic- ;)

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Thanks for the info.


Problem solved by my tech savvy 14 yo grandson

We first identified the desired pictures in my I phone, AIRDROPPED THEM to my Apple Lap Top


Adjusted the size of the M BITES and then airdropped back to my I phone my workhorse





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If you can use the IW posting format adding pics is really simple. #1 use full editor mode, #2 at the bottom you should see attach files and click on browse #3 you should be taken to your computers content, IE pictures/photo's. #4 select the the pic and click open.#5 this should return you to IW and click add and your done. This should take just a few seconds.

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With the change to the new format it appears picture storage is more limited so if you suddenly find issues posting pics you may have come close to or maxed out your allotted pic space. Try clicking on your name in upper right corner and then click on my settings. On the left column click on manage attachments and delete old pics no longer in use.

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