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Transom x-haust outlet

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I picked this up. This was really designed for a Gas Sport boat but i think with a little mod it could work on a sport 40.

I checked out my PT 40 and will work if top and bottom flange were flattened out some.

$18.95 plus shipping(connection tubing also available) its has a 5/8" inlet and outlet.

I have more on order but for now

I only have 2 available.

Here Is The Link Also





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Can I order one to Canada? I'm at T2Z 3Z8.

Hi Brian

Its $10.50 to ship up to 8oz in case you wanted to add something else.

The outlet is 3oz with packing. The outlet its self weighs 1oz.

Hope this makes sense.

I'm not sure its worth it to you,your call


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