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Mike Luszcz

ML Boatworks- Scale & Sport Hydro, O/B Tunnel & Kneeler, and Mono laser cut kits

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Offering over 100 different 1/10th/ 1/8th/ Gas/ 1/5th/ 1/6th/ 1/7th scale Hydroplane framing kits, Sport Hydro kits for all classes, and O/B tunnel kits for all classes. These are precision, laser cut, complete framing kits. For a complete list of all the kits, Please visit my website, or contact me via PM, email to jamesmluszcz@hotmail.com, or call Mike Luszcz at (252) 717-6282. Adding new kits every day, please just ask if you don't see something you like. Don't like to build BUT know wood is better than glass? Well, please ask about the hull building services I offer.

All new website and domain name:


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Hi Everyone,

I know this is a little off topic, but everyone here has known me and my business for quite some time, and I need your help! As some may have known, my old website over the last couple of years was www.ml-boatworks.com. As of today, a total new website, and domain name are in effect! The new website is www.mlboatworksrc.com. The help I am needing, is if anyone who would, just click on the www.mlboatworksrc.com link, as many times as they want to help Google push the site up the list, and help drown out the old web domain over time. This is going to be a long and probably slow process to get the new domain where boaters outside of our small community can find the new site. I thank you so much for your help, and your incredible support for my boating products!

With that out of the way, I would like to personally thank fellow rc boater, and my website builder, Todd Fleury of Funkwerksdesign.com. Over the last couple months he has put together the new website. Once you see it, you will realize how clean and easy to use it is. With his continued help, we are going to fine tune the wording, and finish adding the rest of my kit lineup in the coming weeks. I am now the weak link in the chain as I have a lot of learning to do to continue adding items! haha. My goal was to have this up and running, at least in a minimal form by the end of this month as I am losing my old website/ domain on October 31. Needless to say, Todd went well beyond the minimum. Its amazing and I could not be happier!!!

Thanks so much Todd!

Mike Luszcz

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Hi Everyone,


First, I would like to say thank you for your support of the new website. While I have

been inactive from posting on IW, I have kept in contact with quite a few of you here

via emails and PM's here. The site has had over 42,000 hits since it went online on

October 28th. This has pushed the new domain name up to the top of Google and has

eased the transition. While I have not mentioned it, you can also access www.mlboatworksrc.com

by using www.woodrcboatkits.com. I am hoping that name will help guide wood boat

builders to the site.


Second, if you have completed your build, or have cool build pics, feel free

to email them to me at jamesmluszcz@hotmail.com, and I will try to add them

to the website under the hull category. I have been receiving a LOT of emails over the last month or two

from GP/SX sport hydro and o/b tunnel racers stating they have been consistently winning

their classes at the club and district level which has been great to hear. Some of them will be competing

at national level events next race season, so I can not wait to hear the news.Please share news with me if you have it!

Any questions or suggestions are always welcome as well via my email address above.


And Finally, I would like to mention some new products on the website, and

coming soon.


1) The 1/8th scale Hydroplane trailer is now finished and ready for cutting.

A lot of people have asked for it for over 2 years, and its finally done. Thanks to

Don Ferrette for his prototype contribution.


2) I was very fortunate recently. John Finch, designer of the 32" Wild Thing

Vee bottom Mono hull has given ML Boatworks rights to create a laser cut

kit! This is a very well known, and tested hull, and should be a great

addition. It will be available as the original 32" Nitro, and then I am

adding a 32" FE, and 36" FE version.


3) I now offer raw, uncut plywood and basswood sticks so Scale Hydroplane

kit customers can add these items to their order to ultimately save on

shipping costs by purchasing all items though one online source.


4) I was contacted by Glenn Quarles of Nova Rossi last month and he is

finalizing the testing on his .12 size "Texan" rigger, and plans to send the

hull to me to make it into a kit form and will be offered on the website.


5) The GSX480 gas sport hydroplane is close to completion and initial

testing. Dick Loeb, Dist 12 IMPBA member, and president of ODMBA in Suffolk,

VA is doing the rigging, and testing. I am finalizing the cowling plug this

week, and should begin the mold process next week. I hope to have this kit

ready for release by the first of the year. There is a build thread over on JRCBD:



6) Anthony Marquart of Charlotte, NC worked with me on 31" Sport Hydroplane

utilizing the ML Boatworks GP cowling/ center section shape, with his own

spin on sponson design. This kit, and the GSX480 both share the first "Truss

System" center section framing. It is truly revolutionary as it allows for a

much wider engine well, and higher overall strength! This kit is now

available in the Sport Hydroplane section, and is built specifically for .21

nitro engines. It is called the AJM21.



I hope you all enjoy your holidays, and hope to talk to you all soon!


Mike Luszcz, ML Boatworks


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Thanks Chilli. I will only be posting in this thread from time to time to update people on available products. Since I am a manufacturer, I probably need to stay in the manufacturer section only. John Finch is a cool dude, and opened my eyes up to some of his knowledge, especially about monos in general. I hope to make him proud! Mike

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Some more good things are going on right now. The GSX480 Gas sport hydro cowling plug is done, and ready to make a mold possibly tonight. 10 coats of wax and ready. I also mounted the Carbon Fiber cowling many of you may have seen for the GX480 gas outboard tunnel on the website to a parting board, cleaned up the bottom since it was pre-cut for the GX480 and I needed it flat, and got it Duratec'ed. I also modified the windshield area. Started sanding the first coat of Duratec this morning. Hopefully that cowling will be available soon! This cowling is the last from the original mold as it got damaged and was not usable, so I received permission to make a new mold with this last remaining part. Thanks to Donald for that! Mike











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Plug pulled out of the mold pretty well! I have some bracing I want to put on the back side of the mold, then wax up the surface, and pull a part. Should happen this week! Mike



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Just need to trim the edges tonight, got it polished this morning, and tonight will start waxing. The new style gas tunnel plug is done, and ready for wax as well, then mold making. This new gas tunnel cowling fits the GS and GX480 tunnels, and it will also work on the new gas tunnel I am getting ready to start designing..........These projects are moving along fast. I also am finalizing the Wild Thing 32" Nitro and FE plans, and started on the 36" prototype plans to have John Finch test and confirm it runs as he likes. More coming soon. Mike





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Here it is with the cowling. Dick still had some final fitting to do, but it cleared everything properly, had about 1/2" of room above the spark plug boot, nothing rubbed on the cowling, etc. Dick feels a 1.5" hot pipe, or a 2" header like shown will be the two that will work properly with this kit. You will notice the header is close to the deck...this is the lowest possible position for the engine to sit in the hull. With 1/2" above the spark plug boot, there is plenty of room to raise the motor off the floor if wanted. He shimmed the engine @ 1/16" above the floor. The goal is the finish the setup, and prime it this week, and get it on the water as soon as Thursday. Mike






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Also, the 32", nitro "Wild Thing" deep vee mono hull is now available on the website. This is an authorized laser cut version of John Finch's record setting Wild Thing! More sizes soon to come.

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Mike, I am happy to see your post. I can't thank you enough for all the questions you have answered for me. And the best thing of all my 9yr old is interested in my builds and helps me with what he can while asking a ton of question. What better bonding could a after want!!! You made that possible by designing easy to build great kits!


Thank you so much


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Thanks a lot guys. Tim, that is what I like to here man. I was really happy when you told me that yesterday. Your package is boxed and billed and going out today btw. Let me know when it arrives.


I am also going to focus on some new designs with kids in mind next year. Simple kits that parents can get their kids involved. Not only is this a good way to spend more time with your kids, its a great way to teach them technical skills.



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