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Found 12 results

  1. Jesse Carlton

    WTB: 3.5 Outdrive for K&B

    Good evening I'm rebuilding the tunnels for the kids....both are running K&B .21. I'm looking for two (2) outdrives...screw in style. I know that MECOA sells them new, but checking to see if anyone has any around that they are not using and want to sell. Thanks and let me know Jesse
  2. Found Looking for Stainless Steel 1/4 flex Square drive to 3/16 preferred or 1/4 prop shafts Ferrule's .Have 1 but forgot ware the heck I got it
  3. teddyd

    Looking for prop

    Im looking for a Bob Austin gasp prop....7017/3 HR...Teddy
  4. Clifton Gregory

    Seaducer Boat

    Looking for a Seducer SD3 Mono 60/80 42". Would like one with red metal flake top -coat. Would like to find one in top notch shape, would be good with Seaducer Hardware. Let me know what you have, thanks. Cliff 252-597-5625
  5. Christian Hof

    Looking for AndyBrown 21 XT or STL pipe

    Hello, I am looking for an Andy Brown 21 XT or STL pipe. Let me know if someone is willing to sell.
  6. Jesse Carlton

    WTB - PICCO .67 Drum

    Good evening guys - trying to rebuild a .67 Picco. In the teardown to replace the bearings, I have found that the drum is busted (see pic below). Anyone have one of these sitting around that they would be willing to part with or have a lead on where to find one? Thanks for any assistance - Jesse
  7. charles siler

    WTB Muck 67 pipe

    Members1,055 posts Posted Today, 09:55 PM As it says gent's I'm looking for this Muck pipe that pictured it might be a 80 size but I'm thinking it's a 67 thanks pass ya later Charlie
  8. Boaters, NEW - Hyperformance Products Hydro strut kit 3/16 shaft size. $40 shipped anywhere in the USA no PayPal fees - Please PP to klkloves@msn.com
  9. Lay26

    turn fin bracket

    im looking for a turn fin bracket for a sport 40 if some one could make one for me that would be great!! let me know
  10. jaxracer

    WTB O.S. 9B Carburetor

    Looking for an O.S. 9B carburetor in good condition. Not looking to pay the $92 they have advertised for a new one on TowerHobbies. Thanks, ~Mitch
  11. dr gary turner

    101 carb

    WTB a carb for 101 with internal diam of .510 or greater, New or used.
  12. casey day

    WTB .21 inboard for my A mono

    i want to buy a .21 inboard engine for my A mono wave slave. my budget is $75.00