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  1. brad nichols

    Name this Tunnel

    More pics of the side and bottom may help, but it is a custom build. Brad
  2. brad nichols

    Exhaust Question for Wrap around header riggers.

    I put it on the left side too but in Europe they put it on the right usually because they put that billboard on the left. Brad
  3. brad nichols

    CMB 45s

    Motor got here today and everything looks good!! Thanks Brad
  4. brad nichols

    Soldering Jig for 1/4" flex cable

    I'll have to get one on the next run. Brad
  5. brad nichols


    Mike Walker does JAE builds as I do too and other custom builds Brad
  6. brad nichols

    Shovel Nose 1/10 scale plans

    They are folded but you could ask him about rolled . He would do it more than likely if you pay the extra charges. Brad
  7. brad nichols

    CMB 45s

    You do pay pal or? Brad
  8. brad nichols

    CMB 45s

    Looks good I'll take it. Brad
  9. brad nichols


    Thanks David. Brad
  10. brad nichols

    CMB 45s

    The second engine Vac style, what does the disc look like? What would be the cost to ship to Edmonton, Alberta T6W 1R9 ? Thanks Brad
  11. brad nichols


    You could send me copies of the manuals too David. Thanks for the coment too. Thanks Brad
  12. brad nichols

    Shovel Nose 1/10 scale plans

    ML boatworks has laser cut kits or try David Newton for plans. Brad
  13. brad nichols

    For Sale:JAE GT

    Great looking boat Gary!! Brad
  14. brad nichols


    Looks good!! Is that a Rossi 80 you have in it? I bought a bunch of Jim Wilson's 90 stuff from Dianne. I have enough Rossi 90 parts for my lifetime, Now just have to learn to drive better!! Do you have the cowl for it? Brad
  15. brad nichols

    Big Thank You - John Steltzer

    Nice!! Brad