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  1. Thank you to all of these great raffle sponsors: A Main Hobbies A/A Engines – Al Hobbs Adam Martin Assault Racing Designs Blazer Marine Brent Byers Solid Flex Drives Castle Creations CC Racing Engines CMB Engines/Crapshooter Boats CoCr Racing Propellers – Dave Pillado Competition Marine Design Dan Ellison Daniel Place Double Ace Racing Products Essity Ferrette-Stirton Racing FHS Redmax Fullthrottle RC G Force Hydro Props Gas RC Products GiantscaleJim Gizmo Motors Herzog Racing Products Hitec RCD Hobbytown USA Holiday Motorsports Awnings – Richard Hallet Huff Racing Hurricane Boats Insane Boats Jerry and Brenda Roberts Jim Feener Jim’s RC Boat Dock Jlitefoot K&D InnoVations Kartland Performance Klotz Lubricants Lucas Oil Products Marine Max Maston’s Marine Maxima Racing Oils Mighty Max Carts Monojeff NAMBA District 7 NAPA Auto Supply NovaRossi Marine USA O’reilly Autoparts Octura Model Products Outlaw Racing Products – Russ Stark Oxidean Marine Phil Thomas Hydros Propworks West – Brent Daily Randy Rapedius RC Boatworks RP Motorsports Rum Racing Products Seaducer Boats Seebold Custom Machining Sonic Tronics/McDaniels Speedmaster Stoner Racing Design T-Mod Racing Tanks-2-U – Walt Barney Allen Terry Racing Products Texas Roadhouse Transtar Venom CC Racing Virginia Craftsman Voodoo Propellers VP Racing Fuel Warpath Riggers Wechem Wes Ellet Custom Graphics Zipp Kits Zook Rods and Design Audio file: http://www.albqhdracers.com/jrcbdnats/audiofiles/01-SATURDAY-Raffle Sponsors.mp3
  2. Tim asked me to please post this for him. He wants to thank all of the amazing sponsors! The 2018 NAMBA Nationals have now come and gone. It was a long year of work that turned into a last minute whirlwind trying to get it all finished as the deadlines approached. It’s kind of surreal now to sit back as it’s all now in the record books and the District 20 guys head back home to start their task of getting ready for their event in 2019! This process is one that I had previously experienced when our club hosted the IMPBA Gas Nationals in 2012. However, when I took on this task again my friend Jay Stone offered his assistance. He kept mentioning that we would far exceed what I had done and sought in 2012. I initially thought he was crazy, but once we got started I realized a method to his madness. We literally left no stone unturned. We reached out to tons of companies. Many didn’t contribute, but some did. Quickly learned that you won’t get anything if you don’t ask! We talked daily and game planned contacts, letters, emails and who to target for that week. It took time and we hounded some sponsors. I was worried about contacting people more than once or even twice, but Jay reassured me that many of these companies are a one-man operation. He kept reiterating that if you do it professionally and keep organized on your contacts, it won’t end up being as bad as I thought. Many sponsors would end up stating just that, sorry, got tied up working on stuff and lost track of time, thanks for reminding me, etc.. So, we did. One of our most important goals we set was to make sure to get all of the classes sponsored and do so by all the deadline dates. We were able to do just that! Thanks to all the amazing people who contributed and sponsored classes for the event! These great sponsors stepped up and remitted their payments in timely fashion and really helped everything to get going on solid footing. Raffle sponsors were stating they’d contribute. But we weren’t receiving much. Many stated to reach out closer to the event date. This worried me and Jay kept assuring me that they’d come through if we kept in contact. He said the last few weeks that the deliveries would start to amaze me and I’d be freaked by all of the stuff coming in. He was right! UPS, FEDEX and the USPS were dropping multiple packages off daily. Our amazing raffle sponsors came through for us in a major way. I am truly proud of what we had to offer our guests in the raffle. I think we had a pretty solid array of items for all power disciplines and items for just about everyone! Thanks again to the many generous sponsors who graciously donated to our event! Branding the event became something very important to us. Working with Dallas RC Thunderboats club member Tim Folts and his co-worker Thomas Williams we were able to create some amazing signage for the event. From awesome start tables they designed, to the multiple banners and signs seen around the site – we worked to make sure people arriving knew this was the 2018 NAMBA Nationals. There was also a bit of a surprise for Jim Nissen as decals were created and placed on the dock the city built for the club, naming it the “Jim’s RC Boat Dock”. Tim and Thomas didn’t stop there, as they even made us decals and various other awesome signs seen at the site and banquet. We had great posters and artwork for just about everything! I was also tasked with the retrieve boat operations. I made sure our retrieve boat was service and ready. My son, Brandon took a week off work to help run the retrieve boat all by himself all week. He knew he’d get paid for his efforts and that definitely motivated him to provide for his new wife and child. However, he doesn’t mess around and told me many times that he wanted to help out to make sure that if there was any time wasted putting on heats it was because of the CD and not the retrieve boat operator. He did an amazing job and I couldn’t be more proud as a father. The standing ovation Brandon received was heartwarming and I can’t thank you all enough. Last, but not least I want to thank Tommy Wagner and his family for all of their help with the raffle during the week. Tommy’s wife, Jeri and their daughters Jennifer Cotton and Amanda Reynolds went above and beyond selling tickets and getting word out about the raffle. They worked tirelessly each day and I want to thank each of them from the bottom of my heart. Tommy and Jeri’s grand daughter, Lesly Mooney also performed the National Anthem for our guest several days and she was outstanding! Reita Wahe was a superstar as always! She worked her tail off all week helping me with everything! I can't thank her enough!!! We tried to do a few fun things during the week. The Knucklehead 500 was a spur of the moment idea that turned into something pretty awesome. More information about that is on another thread. The “Have a Beer with Tim” was a lot of fun. It was something silly Jay came up with for everyone to have an opportunity to have a beer along with the BBQ Friday night. Much like D19 had the free beer for guests last year. All in all, we really wanted to make sure guests had a blast and that we did all we could to make sure our part in the event was spot on. We are blown away by the feedback and the fun people said they had. So thank you again to everyone who was apart of this event! Sponsors, club members, district members, racers, city and park officials, everyone had a part in making this a great event! I asked Jay if he would make audio files to help aid our CD’s each day. He did this for the IMPBA Nitro Nats this year and we felt it would help make sure our sponsors earned the recognition they deserved. They were played a few times through out the week. I will thank each day’s class sponsors below and attach one of that days file for you to hear. At the very end I will play one of the Raffle Sponsor files. Saturday – October 20, 2018 --- GX1 Crackerbox – R&S Racing P Limited Tunnel – Golf Cart Solutions A Mono – NAMBA District 9 A OPC Tunnel – Team ED Audio file: http://www.albqhdracers.com/jrcbdnats/audiofiles/01-SATURDAY-Class Sponsors.mp3 Sunday – October 21, 2018 --- Jersey Skiff – Loveless Racing P Limited Outrigger – NAMBA District 20 B Mono – Double Ace Racing Products A Hydro – A/A Engines Lonestar Enduro – Performance Unlimited Audio file: http://www.albqhdracers.com/jrcbdnats/audiofiles/02-SUNDAY-Class Sponsors.mp3 Monday – October 22, 2018 --- GX2 Crackerbox – Don & Reita Wahe G1 Mono – CoCr Racing Propellers USA P Catamaran – Dave Rychalsky C Mono – Rum Racing Products B Hydro – A/A Engines B OPC Tunnel – Lohring Miller Audio file: http://www.albqhdracers.com/jrcbdnats/audiofiles/03-MONDAY-Class Sponsors.mp3 Tuesday – October 23, 2018 --- GX2 Catamaran – Ken Owen’s Battery Sportsman Mono – Jerry Wright P Limited Catamaran – Pro Marine RC P Mono – Offshore Electrics C Hydro – A/A Engines B Mod OPC Tunnel – Lohring Miller Audio file: http://www.albqhdracers.com/jrcbdnats/audiofiles/04-TUESDAY-Class Sponsors.mp3 Wednesday – October 24, 2018 --- GX2 Mono – Ken Owen’s Battery Gas Outboard Tunnel – Odessa RC Association G1 Outrigger – Ronnie King P Limited Sport Hydro – Giant Power/Mojo Racing A Mod OPC Tunnel – Team ED Audio file: http://www.albqhdracers.com/jrcbdnats/audiofiles/05-WEDNESDAY-Class Sponsors.mp3 Thursday – October 25, 2018 --- G1 Catamaran – Rio Grande Racers GX2 Sport Hydro – Dasboata Propellers 1/8 Scale Electric – Rattlesnake RC P Sport Hydro – Dave Rychalsky X Mono – Velasco’s Crankshaft Service Gas Team Marathon – Herzog Racing Products Audio file: http://www.albqhdracers.com/jrcbdnats/audiofiles/06-THURSDAY-Class Sponsors.mp3 Friday – October 26, 2018 --- G1 Sport Hydro – RJF Performance Parts GX2 Outrigger – Gary & Loretta Gould T Mono – A/A Engines Twin Rigger – Jerry & Brenda Roberts Sport 40 – Virginia Craftsman Paddleboat – Scottsdale Model Boaters Concourse Trophies: Ken Olson Crafts Audio file: http://www.albqhdracers.com/jrcbdnats/audiofiles/07-FRIDAY-Class Sponsors.mp3 Saturday – October 27, 2018 --- Classic Thunderboat – Voodoo Model Boat Club Gas Scale Unlimited – Lonestar Communications P Limited Mono – Pro Marine RC Q Sport Hydro – Heart of Texas Model Boat Club 1/8 Scale Nitro – Dave Rychalsky Audio file: http://www.albqhdracers.com/jrcbdnats/audiofiles/08-SATURDAY-Class Sponsors.mp3
  3. This was posted by Tim Martin on Jim's and he asked me to post over here for him..... Good afternoon, gang! The 2018 NAMBA Nationals are quickly approaching and I know many families are preparing to head to Dallas over the next week to 10 days. I wanted to share with you some information on sites to see around the Dallas/Fort Worth area! I know we are all gathering for a model boating event, but many families and groups of friends will look for fun things to do together. Below is a list of things I felt you'd enjoy! The Texas State Fair: Although this event will almost be over (ends on October 22, 2018) when the Nationals begin, those arriving early still have a chance to visit the Texas State Fair. This event is an awesome collection of Texas related things to do and see! Visit as Big Tex welcomes you for an awesome time and some crazy food! https://www.bigtex.com https://youtu.be/-uHC-EyXFQg The Fort Worth Stockyards: The Fort Worth Stockyards hold (2) Daily cattle drives on the actual streets of Fort Worth. Saturday’s and Sunday’s there are gun fight re-enactments after the cattle drive. Great music, entertainment and food can be found all through the stockyards! This the the perfect excursion for a good size group of people to enjoy!! https://www.fortworthstockyards.org https://youtu.be/YcCzpGrST08 Live Music and Great Food in the Stock Yards: The Love Shack and White Elephant offer great music, food and cold beer: https://whiteelephantsaloon.com http://loveburgershackfortworth.com Billy Bob's is the World's Largest Honky Tonk: Visit the World's Largest Honky Tonk! From Live Bull Riding, line dancing, mechanical bulls, live music, cold beer and tons of fun - Billy Bob's is an Adult Playground! Sara Evans and Eli Young Band play at the venue during the Nationals week! https://billybobstexas.com Sara Evans - Eli Young Band (Denton, Texas' very own!) - Even lil' ol' bands that are taking Nashville and the State of Texas by Storm like the boys from El Paso that makeup THE DIRTY RIVER BOYS have been known to show up and put on one **** of a show at Billy Bob's! Great Steaks!!: Visit the Lonesome Dove or the H3 Ranch for an amazing steak and meal in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards! http://lonesomedovefortworth.com https://www.h3ranch.com AT&T Stadium (Home of the Dallas Cowboys): While in Arlington, why not stop over at AT&T Stadium and take a tour of the 8th wonder of the world?!? Referred to as Jerry's World, AT&T Stadium is in it's 10th year of operation and is home to the 5x Super Bowl Champion Dallas Cowboys. Along with NFL games and Super Bowl's, the stadium has hosted Soccer matches, championship boxing matches, Wrestlemania, NCAA Final Fours, BCS Championship games as well as the biggest names in the music industry performing concerts! The stadium offers daily tours and there should be no down days during the Nationals as the Cowboys play out of town the first weekend and they are on a Bye the last weekend of the Nats. Tours take visitors into Jerry's private suite, tours of the individual suites, communication areas, underground and to the locker rooms. Tours also include a picture of you and your guests on the 50 yard line. It's truly hard to believe how large and ridiculously amazing this facility. Cowboys fan or not, each day many people are visiting just to witness the 8th Wonder in Person!!! http://attstadium.com/tours https://youtu.be/QchMgTkDSsA The Star at Frisco (Cowboys Corporate Headquarters/Practice Facility): In case you've never heard the phrase "Everything is Bigger in Texas", you might better understand that after visiting AT&T Stadium. Not to be out done, "THE STAR" in Frisco, Texas is the Dallas Cowboys new $1bil training facility and corporate headquarters! Tours are available daily for fans to visit and see just where it all happens! It's not uncommon to run into players, coaches and executives while visiting the facility. On my last visit we saw Sean Lee, Tyron Smith, Cole Beasley, Zach Martin and Jaylon Smith. Football is king in Texas and not only does THE STAR host the Cowboys, but it also offers it's in-door facilities for High School games! Top teams from around the state play weekly games as well as play-off games in the awesome facility! https://www.thestarinfrisco.com/tours Six Flags over Texas Looking for Amusement Park fun!?!? Six Flags Over Texas offers the whole family a ton of amazing rides! Just like this Texas Giant Roller Coaster! Located in Arlington, Texas and only approx 25 miles from Nationals race site! https://www.sixflags.com/overtexas Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens: Texas offers a vast array of Flowers and plants that grow specific to our state. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens offers a world class view of the beauty our state offers. This facility it second to none and is truly breathtaking. This is a beautiful facility to visit and enjoy! http://www.dallasarboretum.org Dallas Zoo: The Dallas Zoo is an amazing adventure for the whole family! With over 100 acres of space, the Zoo offers animals and sections of the zoo that will delight all ages! This is a for sure to visit with the kids! https://www.dallaszoo.com Kartland Performance Indoor Karting Facility: After a full day of racing and you still feel the need for speed? Visit KARTLAND PERFORMANCE Indoor Karting Facility in Frisco, Texas! They offer Euro-style electric go-karts that reach speeds of 45-50mph! The Inaugural Knucklehead 500 NAMBA Nats Go-Kart Race will take place at this facility on Wednesday, October 24! Make sure to Sign up with me at the Race Site! https://kartland.com Zero Gravity: Thrill Amusement Park: Need more of a thrill? Visit ZERO GRAVITY: Thrill Amusement Park! The part offers extreme experiences not for the weak of stomach! This park offers the family and groups a fun experience and will truly test your adventure levels! http://gojump.com
  4. Jay Stone

    gas powered 1/8 scales

    Several of us had talked about the G20Pum in the 1/8 scale sized hulls, but nobody did it.. For a long time here in our area (Texas/New Mexico) the Baker's ran a class they called the Baker Hydro class and it was 1/8th scale hulls hacked up to fit G260's. That ended up evolving into them going to 1/6th scale. I love the class, but the damn 1/6 scale boats are so damn big. I had one and ran it at the Nats last year in Vegas and the boat was a fiberglass hull from the Bakers, but it weighed close to 25lbs. Big, heavy, hard to move around. Now the guys in our area are switching over their 1/8 scale hulls to electric and that class is growing like crazy.
  5. Big thanks to local Lewisville, Texas O'Reilly's for their donation of (2) Rolling Adjustable Height Shop Stools!
  6. The DRCTB want to thank STEVE SEEBOLD of SEEBOLD CUSTOM MACHINING for his donation of (5) Billet IV Bag Holders and (5) Billet T-Bars for the Nationals raffle!
  7. Thanks to Tommy Wagner and the company he works for ESSITY, for their donation of (3) Tork Wall and Floor Hand Paper Towel Dispensers and Paper Towels for each along with buckets of hand cleaner wet wipes and also a pallet of bottled water!
  8. Thanks to ALAN TERRY of ATR Carburetors for his donation of (1) Complete Hot Pipe setup and (2) Racing Carburetors!
  9. Thank you to PHIL THOMAS of Phil Thomas Hydros for his donation of a 50% Certificate for a Supersport 45 or Sport 20 hull.
  10. Thanks to Ferrette-Stirton Racing for their donation of (2) certificates for their OS 3rd Channel Needle Bases..
  11. The Club sends out a sincere thank you to ANDY BROWN of Competition Marine Design for his donation of props and various items!
  12. Tim Martin and the Dallas RC Thunderboats want to thank all of the amazing sponsors that stepped up and sponsored all of the classes! All classes are sponsored by the Entry Deadline and they are so appreciative of each sponsor! They still have ice/water sponsorships available if anyone is interested. The club is in the process of working a deal with a local ice company to have ice delivered daily for racers thanks to the sponsors who pick up these sponsorships. If you've stepped up to sponsor, thank you! Please note that the PayPal address for payment of class sponsorship is dallasrcthunderboats@gmail.com Friends and Family ONLY please - payments can also be made out to DALLAS RC THUNDERBOATS and mailed to: Lewisville Transmission C/O Tim Martin - NAMBA Nats 675 Hembry Street Lewisville, TX 75057 Also, the club has the Inside Back Cover advertisement available along with Full Page, 1/2 Page, 1/4 Page and Business Card size advertisement spaces. Anyone interested please contact Tim Martin. They need to have all the artwork in by September 20th. Thanks again!!!
  13. Also a big thanks to LUCAS OILS for teaming up with the Dallas RC Thunderboats for the 2018 NAMBA Nationals with a box of goodies....
  14. Big thanks to Walt Barney for his donation of (3) Certificates for gas/nitro fuel tanks!
  15. Thank you Lohring Miller for sponsoring B OPC Tunnel and B OPC MOD Tunnel!