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  1. keith warham

    CAN AM 2019

    Don't bring any guns with you either.
  2. keith warham

    Today's idea during lunch break

    Great idea keith
  3. keith warham

    KEP's 21 T3 builds

    Looks good Greg
  4. keith warham

    WTB Carl Goldberg Flat Hold Downs #463

    Brad, I will take them
  5. keith warham

    Eagle Twin overhaul complete

    Super nice job Greg. Look out Allan.
  6. keith warham

    AC Model Boats

    Happy retirement Andy you will enjoy the time off. keith
  7. keith warham

    First 3S "Kneeler" Race

    Richard check your e-mail keith
  8. keith warham

    Futaba 4GRS

    Joe, I have been using Hyperion 850 Life G3 for a few years now. keith
  9. keith warham

    Something old

    I still have a single one of these I got probably back in the 50's
  10. keith warham

    First 3S "Kneeler" Race

    Joe, Brian and myself are in. keith
  11. keith warham

    45 tunnel

    Fons, look at a vision craft tunnel my 21 vision is nice. keith
  12. keith warham

    Leecraft 7.5 manual

    Will do Fons
  13. keith warham

    Leecraft 7.5 manual

    Fons, I have a copy of the instructions 8 pages keith
  14. We plan to bring this class back to life this year in Calgary including Rob.
  15. keith warham

    WTB K&B 7.5 outboard Red Head

    Joe, don't worry we haven't run that class in years so you will fit in ok