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  1. Grub

    WTB - Virginia Craftsman Sport 40 turn fin and 1/8 turn fin

    Shane I'll have a look in the shed on the weekend, you might be in luck as I know I have a few new ones but don't know what sizes.
  2. Grub

    Assorted stuff for sale

    Don, I'll take two of the 15cc pipes and you can throw them in with Brad's stuff.
  3. My 2 cents... A CD is still going to have to make the final decision. With all the technology in a lot of sports, most sports still have to refer the decision to the video referee. We dont have time for that as our heats only go for a minute or so. The technology would be nice to have to assist but i wouldnt break the bank trying to get it done. Nothing will beat a well respected and qualified CD who knows about all the sh!t that happens when we race.
  4. Grub

    CMB EVO 2 90's and pipes/mounts SOLD

    Bugger!!! gotta be quick round here
  5. Grub

    Need to vent!!!!!!!!!

    But were they really shipped? That is the question. Apparently, according to him, two packages of decals were sent to me and I never got either. A twin roadrunner via USPS arrived within 5 days only a month ago. Are there really issues with customs or postage services???? Anyway if there is a problem, Australian Customs has always contacted me if there was a problem, by mail or phone.
  6. Grub

    Need to vent!!!!!!!!!

    Best quote about the whole situation was Mike Schindler many moons ago "15 months ah you should have them tomorrow!" I can only laugh now, and to be honest I had almost forgotten about it.
  7. Grub

    Need to vent!!!!!!!!!

    I've known Brad for about 20 years (since Oran Park days in Sydney) and he is a good guy. I've met and drank with many people from Intlwaters over the years and thats why I trust a lot of you guys. It was kinda my fault for letting this drag on for so long but what can I do, I'M ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. But to see someone else have exactly the same problem is not right. I don't care about my money, I thought it was long gone ages ago but when it happens to your mate as well, it gets me fired up. Guys, a little reading material. 1 Oct 2007 Ordered via email and paid US$404 (AU$464 at the time) via Paypal Sent 14 November 2007 - 12:07 AM I'm hoping I can have that stuff out to you in the next couple of weeks. I had to take a break from boat stuff for a bit as I was making the transition after I sold my commercial graphics business. I'm just not starting to get bakc to normal. Sent 25 February 2008 - 10:32 AM I have some done already just waiting on some clear vinyl so I can finish the rest. Dec 12 2008 08:03 AM http://www.intlwaters.com/index.php?showtopic=30100 Sent 20 December 2008 - 12:05 AM Sorry I've had to be ultra focused on work and been hard to get a hold of. I'll send the decals since most of them are already done I just have a a couple to do on one set. Too much of it is done to send a refund or I would just do that. Sent 23 June 2009 - 09:34 PM I sent them shortly after we last spoke. I will check with USPS since I had a delivery confirmation tag on the package. Sent 30 June 2009 - 11:10 PM Last message I got from USPS is that they have not been able to track it ever leaving customs. If they cannot find them in the next day or so I will do another set and ship them FedEx or UPS. I had this happen with a package coming to me from Canada once. Sorry Posted 11 September 2010 - 12:03 AM Grub your stuff was sent long ago. I never got any kind of message after they were sent that they were not received. My email address has not changed and I have always been available on IW. Unfortunately the delivery confirmation option USPS offers doesn't work on international shipments. PM and I will fix the problem. This is the only correspondence I had from him. Delayed me in the beginning so that I couldn't make a Paypal claim, and never told me when they were shipped, just that I sent them a while ago.
  8. Just got a PM from another member saying he has had the same problem with one of the members on here. I'm out of pocket AU$464 and now another Australian member is out of pocket AU$300. Both instances the package was sent, we were never given the USPS tracking numbers, and apparently the package cannot be traced after it has left customs. (yes it does sound like BS) I thought if it only happened to me, something may have gone amiss but for exactly the same thing to happen to someone else is no coincidence. No names but he knows who he is. BTW BigChuck is a stand up guy and had no problems with stuff from him coming out of customs, only took 5 days to get here. Thanks Charles.
  9. I think it was the chinese who first put outriggers on the front of a motor boat. They filled the front of the suicide boats with explosives but the front kept going under water, so they fitted skis to the front to keep the nose up.
  10. Day 1 B Mono 1st Steve Winks 2nd Kevin Morris 3rd Frank Jones Open Petrol Sports Hydro 1st Steve Winks 2nd Daniel Yarrow 3rd Daniel Schaffer C Hydro 1st Kevin Morris 2nd Eric Arlistch 3rd Daniel Yarrow 16-25cc Petrol Tunnel 1st Daniel Schaffer 2nd Mark Jordan 3rd Paul Sandiford Day 2 Open Petrol Hydro 1st Andrew Andreou 2nd Mark Jordan 3rd George Papoulidis B Hydro 1st Jason Yarrow 2nd Eric Arlitsch 3rd Kevin Morris X Mono 1st Kevin Morris 2nd Phil Fischer 3rd Jason Yarrow 16-25cc Petrol Mono 1st Glenn Watkins 2nd Frank Jones 3rd Jason Yarrow Day 3 Open Petrol Mono 1st Russell Moore 2nd Murray McKenzie 3rd Andrew Andreou X Hydro 1st Glenn Watkins 2nd Jason Yarrow 3rd Daniel Schaffer B Outboard Tunnel 1st Jamie Anderson 2nd Jason Yarrow 3rd James Kessing A Mono 1st Frank Jones 2nd James Kessing 3rd Eric Arlitsch
  11. Grub

    Floatation in rigger cowls

    Tim, you ran over it twice in that heat!!!!
  12. Grub

    Floatation in rigger cowls

    Let it sink that way YOU can't run over it!!!! LOL
  13. Website now online 2011 AMPBA National Championships
  14. Grub

    Lynx set up sheet

    Sent you my copy from 2006. Thanks MATE!!!!!!