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  1. Here are the UNOFFICIAL records set at Huntsville. Adam Grim Gas Scale SAW 3.009 sec 74.775 MPH Lamar Huff LSG 36 mono 1/3 21.536 55.720 Lamar Huff/Mike Whitley LSG 27 mono 1/3 22.772 52.696 Wally Duarte LSG 27 Cat SAW 2.451 91.799 Scott See LSG 36 Cat 1/3 23.884 50.242 Also Doc Turner earned his 100 MPH patch! Paul
  2. Paul Traufler

    Truex wins

    Martin U DA MAN!!!!! Great job buddy!
  3. Weather drives the attendance most times... and you know how good the weather folks are!
  4. Paul Traufler

    Congratulations Martin #78 6 wins

    U da man Martin! Keep pushing forward buddy! Paul
  5. Paul Traufler

    Heads up guys - don't ignore your body!

    Gesh Terry almost vapor locked! Get well soon and take care. Paul
  6. Paul Traufler

    A Great Day/EOP

    Looks heavy! But in a good way, it is built to stand the test of time. Thanks for working on this guys! Paul
  7. Huntsville in Oct is SWEET! Should be a good time and great event! I will be there. Paul
  8. Paul Traufler

    2017 IMPBA Internats

    Yahoo lets get behind the the we need to stick together and we will be stronger mode! Well said Chris! Paul
  9. Paul Traufler

    2017 IMPBA Internats

    "DOES NOT WANT TO SHIP IT!?!?" I thought it was up to the winner of the trophy to make sure it arrives at the next U.S.1 Nats. Why were the member's not informed of this,if there was an issue. Where does the trophy reside at NOW?? Mark I am sorry for sounding like I am directing my questions towards you, as I am not. I can not believe this... it has been replaced by nice wall trophy (in other words "A PLAQUE"). I do not think this is FAIR or RIGHT. Who is in charge of this decision,the BOD??? Or the member's of IMPBA. The meeting minutes are up on the website for any one, members or non members to read on what is going on/talked about at board meetings. The trophy was in poor shape and no trophy shop could refurbish it. Yes it costs $270 to ship the trophy. It was brought up to the board on what to do with the trophy and the unanimous decision was to retire the trophy. It was to be advertised in the March roostertail if anyone wanted the trophy. but Bill Zuber said the Huntsville club wanted it. March meeting minutes if anyone wants to look up the complete conversation. Case closed Bob, Look forward to seeing your nomination for a board position. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk If you read the minutes from the March BOD there was NO vote to retire the trophy. Yes Huntsville will "house" for now and we are working to "fix" it. I will say I do not see this trophy going away, it may change how it is handled but it will be gong forward I'd say. There are more challenges ahead... Paul
  10. Paul Traufler

    US1 Nats

    Sure it is on this site: http://www.intlwaters.com/index.php?showtopic=71132&page=26 Paul
  11. Paul Traufler

    Starter pack

    A Finer Edge makes a Makita batter pack adapter, have not seen a Dewalt one. http://www.afineredgemfg.com/ Paul
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    Happy b-day there buddy! I hope you enjoy it. Paul
  13. Paul Traufler


    Guys I may have pushed the effort through but it was Rick Grim (and others) that wrote it up and "bent my ear" on doing this. In the end I calling it a team effort to make it happen, now we need to see these boats at events to show there is a real interest in this class. Thanks guys! Paul
  14. Paul Traufler

    2017 IMPBA Internats

    Hey folks, I made a Facebook page for this event, have posted 150+ pictures and will get more loaded soon. We will have results soon also, need to get all the stuff together to post. Search on Facebook for: Huntsville Model Boat Association Paul
  15. Paul Traufler

    2017 IMPBA Internats

    Quick note before I head back out to the lake, it has been going well, weather has been great! Ok a bit on the hot side but winds and rain have been away so far. Some GREAT racing going on, super sportsmanship, and great support from all! It is common to see racers jump in and help a fellow competitor with their boats in time of need! Yes hosting this kind of event is a great deal of hard work, but at the same the the rewards of watching/racing with the best boaters in the world is priceless! Paul