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  1. Jerry Dunlap

    1/4 Scale Tunnel

    I don't have the plans for the 1/4 Scale Tunnel. Send a bunch of plans to Mark Scott, maybe I included the 1/4 Tunnel with those plans. JD
  2. Jerry Dunlap

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    My Sport 20 entry was sent out today. The Sport 20 Class is being sponsored by Diane Wilson and me in memory of Jim. The class will race either Thursday or Friday depending on other classes that might be added if they make the 5 boat minimum. JD
  3. Jerry Dunlap

    WTB 10 scale Vintage Roundnose Scale Prop

    The Kai is 36". The 46mm 3-blade would probably work well on a boat that size. JD
  4. Jerry Dunlap

    New 20 Tunnel from Sniper Boats.

    Thank you Bill for those very kind words. I continue to be amazed how many model boaters have built tunnel boats off my plans. JD
  5. Jerry Dunlap

    WTB 10 scale Vintage Roundnose Scale Prop

    Hi Bill, Offshore Electrics sells 3 blade polished aluminum props for 1/10 scale. I have tried both the "Cnc-46(mm dia.)14350-R" and the "CNC-4414350-R" on my modern Tempus tunnel. The Tempus is only 30" in length and the 44 mm prop worked best. I should try the bigger prop on Ben Keller's Hawaii Kai III since it is a bigger hull. Dunny
  6. Jerry Dunlap

    New 20 Tunnel from Sniper Boats.

    That is one nice looking 20 Tunnel. JD
  7. Jerry Dunlap

    Prather 31'' deep vee surface or subsurface set up ?

    My son, Paul and I ran a Prather 31" Deep Vee for years back in the day. Won a lot of 20 Mono races with that hull. It was subsurface drive. If I were setting one up today, I'd make it surface drive. JD
  8. Jerry Dunlap


    Octura Flex Hex Assembly -.185 cable - 5/16-24 thread. Was told it was for an O.S. 65. I'll pay for mailing in the U.S. Happy Holidays, JD
  9. Jerry Dunlap

    Broken Rod

    I've never heard of a rod breaking on an O.S. 21 OB. Not saying it doesn't happened because Greg is reporting it. Just that I've not ever experienced it or previously heard of it.
  10. Jerry Dunlap

    Painting a VS1

    Here's what I've done when painting a VS1: 1. Lightly sand the clear coat. 2. I use a rattle can primer - I like Rustoleum 3. Sand the primer. 4. Apply a base coat - usually white 5. Apply decals. If you know someone who can shoot a coat of automotive clear before applying decals, that's a good step. I just try to be extra careful when fueling the boat so as not to spill fuel on the paint. JD
  11. My mailing address:  Jerry Dunlap, 119 Crestwood Dr. SW, Lakewood, WA 98498


  12. Jerry Dunlap

    K&B 3.5 Motor Mount by Octura

    Hi Kenny, Send me a check for the $15 and your mailing address. "PMed" my mailing address. Jerry
  13. Jerry Dunlap

    K&B 3.5 Motor Mount by Octura

    Local hobby shop closing down the end of December One of the left over items is this NIB Octura Motor Mount for a K&B 3.5 Outboard. $15 mailed in the U.S. JD
  14. Jerry Dunlap

    Sure seems dead around here.

    I recently received an email from Manuel Joao Xavier who lives in Spain. His JD WOF 32 placed first in the an international race in Spain. Manuel stated the sponsons were slightly modified from the original plans. In Europe they race 10 minute events and after 2 minutes the water is very choppy. That is why a larger hull works better. JD
  15. Jerry Dunlap

    Sure seems dead around here.

    The term "stumble blocks" is sometimes used to describe the wedges(front recovery pads) in the front of our model tunnel boats to prevent them from "hooking out" during a turn. They were developed by Rod Geraghty when he was still living out here in Western Washington. JD