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  1. Jerry Dunlap

    Sure seems dead around here.

    I recently received an email from Manuel Joao Xavier who lives in Spain. His JD WOF 32 placed first in the an international race in Spain. Manuel stated the sponsons were slightly modified from the original plans. In Europe they race 10 minute events and after 2 minutes the water is very choppy. That is why a larger hull works better. JD
  2. Jerry Dunlap

    Sure seems dead around here.

    The term "stumble blocks" is sometimes used to describe the wedges(front recovery pads) in the front of our model tunnel boats to prevent them from "hooking out" during a turn. They were developed by Rod Geraghty when he was still living out here in Western Washington. JD
  3. Jerry Dunlap

    Sure seems dead around here.

    After something like 15 years of racing a VS1(either when it was sold by Mike Z. or the AquaCraft version) and winning a lot of races, I ran my own design WOF 20 Stock Tunnel this past season in District 8. I will be completely honest and admit I incorporated design concepts from a very successful 20 tunnel. Sometimes I managed to win heats against that "very successful 20 tunnel" and sometimes I lost heats to previously mention "20 tunnel." However, when all the heats were run I managed to win the District 8 20 Stock Championship with the boat I build. BTW, the boat has front recovery pads. JD
  4. Jerry Dunlap

    The new sport .40

    Great job of racing Sport 40 this year. JD
  5. Jerry Dunlap

    Testing Dunlap 30'' tunnel on 6s .

    I highly doubt anyone has made one of my tunnel designs go that fast. 6S is a lot of "juice." JD
  6. I am looking for the part numbers for front and rear Bocca bearings for a MAC 21. The bad news - Last Sunday the bottom skirt in the Jim Wilson CMB 21 Greenhead in my Jim Wilson Sport 20 broke and scattered metal pieces throughout the engine. The good news - Mark Anderson offered me his MAC 21 that he no longer plans to use and suggested the bearings be replaced before it runs again. This will be a much less expensive alternative compared to purchasing piston/sleeve/head and bearings for the CMB 21. Gary Preusse has Bocca bearings, but doesn't know the part number. Thanks for the help, JD
  7. Jerry Dunlap

    Pictures hanging in your workshop/room

    Not the highest quality photos, but I have a bunch of pictures stuck to this wall in my boat shop. There is even a photo of Mike Z. in Wisconsin before he went to work for HOBBICO/AquaCraft. Lots of memories in those photos. I have more boat photos, box art of boats/airplanes(most of the airplanes ended up mashed balsawood), and plaques stuck to other walls. JD
  8. Jerry Dunlap

    pistol grip transmitter

    I never ran escapement, but I did race using a reed radio system for a couple of years back in the mid-60s JD My Dad let me drive his White Heat with an O&R gas in it when I was a little kid. It had Orbit reeds . I think it was one for right and two for left. COOL.. In a reed radio system, you would "Blip" the toggle the direction you wanted to go. The rudder servo was set to return to center when the toggle was returned to neutral. The throttle servo was linear and you would blip it to the setting you wanted. If you just kept the toggle held one way or the other the throttle servo would run until it reached its end point. One for right and two for left sounds like an escapement system. There's been a few advances in radio systems since 1965. JD
  9. Jerry Dunlap

    New Sport 20!

    Let me check my 21 pipes. Might have something that would work. JD
  10. Jerry Dunlap

    K&B Outboard Parts Lot

  11. Jerry Dunlap

    pistol grip transmitter

    I never ran escapement, but I did race using a reed radio system for a couple of years back in the mid-60s JD
  12. Jerry Dunlap

    Boating in Washington

    Welcome to Washington(Maybe a little premature since you're still in CA). There is a great place to run model boats in Longview at Lake Sacajawea. But not an active nitro/gas group in SW Washington that I am aware of. Not sure what you're interested in racing, or even if you are interested in racing. The Puget Sound MBC conducts events at Ft. Steilacoom Park in Lakewood, WA. That's about a 2 hour drive north and 15 minutes off I-5. The PSMBC is primarily a nitro club, but has a couple of gas Thunder Boats. The Emerald Model Boat Club is located in Eugene and I suppose Eugene is about 2 hours south. They do have a few guys running gas boats. JD
  13. Jerry Dunlap


    Great response Mikie!!! Off topic, maybe off color, but great response Dunny
  14. Jerry Dunlap

    Whats a good .21 tunnel these days.