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  1. Roxyflash

    Setting timing on a CMB alpha 27

    The indicator is a metric unit so I wasn’t paying attention.I set it to 1.2 mm should be good now thanks for the help
  2. Roxyflash

    Setting timing on a CMB alpha 27

    Stu I was thinking .060 using the fraction scale what do you recommend I have the indicator that was bought with the motors
  3. Using a dial indicator set tdc to zero then the letter says to set timing to 1.2 to 1.5 line on rotor lines up with line on stator.I set it to .130 lining up the marks is this correct
  4. Roxyflash

    what to do with the impba internats

    Nice seeing Chris back in action!To me reading all this is how many real nitro racers are there still left out there ?Quad cities roostertails that held the 2000 internats is dried up like the pond did last few years.Some one stated that nitro motor sales are going strong but I bet you its a drop in the bucket compared to how many gas engines are sold.I bailed out money being the reason.I love nitro but the cost of a good nitro engine is too much,along with plugs and fuel.I went back to gas.Its a big commitment to hold a internats with the US1 time trials to make it legit.I know been there didn't even know what I was getting into but never regretted it a wonderfull time.I guess it all boils down to whos going to run the tractor LOL
  5. Roxyflash

    AARP for WALLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY you ol;]\/////?

    Happy Birthday from Panama Red
  6. Roxyflash


    If it not a scale being judged I would just round them over this way they wont chip next time
  7. Roxyflash

    over charged starter battery

    You basically boiled it out I would buy another one a good charger for them if you have a used ups from a pc battery backup is use it most are 24 volts use a anderson 50 amp disconnector wire it to the ups then one for your starter and battery box.Just plug and play wont ever over charge you batteries .Most people pitch them when the batteries inside of go bad.
  8. Roxyflash

    tool time

    Steve working on a gas engine boy has times changed.Great video!!
  9. Roxyflash

    Sealing wood boats prior to assembly

    There are other products that will soak into the wood with out the blush effect.http://www.systemthree.com/store/pc/Clear-Coat-c14.htm
  10. Roxyflash

    Gas Scale Invades Evansville

    Looks like a blazer kit from the turn fin and the likes!!
  11. Roxyflash


    Lots of money sitting there great fleet of riggers better then my few eagle sg
  12. Roxyflash

    Anyone still running Castor oil?

    The castor well separate after being mixed.My redmax fuel which was old you could see the separation.I just shook it up real good used a funnel with a screen and ran it.2 % castor to the 16% oil mix
  13. Roxyflash

    Anyone still running Castor oil?

    Nothing like launching a big rigger that has castor oil in the fuel.When you get it launched your hands are full of gorilla snot from the fuel.You have to have a rag to wipe it off your hands.Stuff sticks im a firm believer being on a low budget I have run my engines past there normal life.My engines have held together well.We run this oil in are dirt bikes had one go into the drink and just stuck a ring good stuff.Maxima Castor 927 http://www.maximausa.com/shopping/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=13
  14. Roxyflash

    JAE gas props

    2717/2 also good choice
  15. Roxyflash

    Joe Gas Rigga with a 29 Pioneer

    I have also made them from G10 fiberglass this is the narrow tub version it uses 5/8 rubber mounts that are bored tru the tub and is backed be the G10 washers there glued to the out side of tub.