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  1. jack dyer

    ABC props for sale

    I was looking for price and availability for one each of the following 1916 17 45, 1917 17 45, 1917 19 38, 2015 17 45, 2114 17 45, 1815 19 38. thanks Jack
  2. jack dyer

    3S 20" "Kneeler" Hydroplanes

    Hi Jerry Great looking boat I'm sure they must be a blast to run. Do you have plans that a available.
  3. jack dyer

    Is there a RPM calculation?

    Rpm is the kv times voltage 940 x 8s 29.6v = 27,824 unloaded rpm
  4. jack dyer

    Decrease in entries...

    I wonder how many clubs offer schedule club racing so new members can learn how to race with other boats on the water. As you know big difference between running by yourself and racing against 6 or 7 other boats.
  5. jack dyer

    jae12 fe

  6. jack dyer


    Looking like its going to be a great race and weather should be great.
  7. jack dyer

    off shore electrics

    I think I'm having withdrawals LOL
  8. jack dyer

    jae 12 fe video

    Heres a video of my Jae 12 fe I'm only running on 2S 5000mah
  9. jack dyer

    motor for a JAE12

    Was wondering what was a better motor to use in the Jae12 rigger Nova Rossi .12 5 port or the 3port or OS .18.Also does it have to be a marine engine or can you use the car version in this size boat?Looking for any ideas as i won't be racing it so i'm not worried about class size.