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  1. ozzy2

    Taipan 2010

    Hi Jan No im not bulding those any more but keep an eye out for somthing new late 2012.
  2. ozzy2

    2010 Clearance

    Hi the Nova has been moded to the folowing. Transfers 134.9 dg and boost 135.7 are rased with a liner shim the Exs has been rasied to 190 dg total. All ports flowed the induction timing is stock The head is .18 cc with .15 clerance and the water jacket has been changed to improve engine heat. These modes in combination with the moded carbon pipe resault in a top performing engine and a verry good package. Paul
  3. ozzy2

    2010 Clearance

    Hi Jamie Yes all is included PM me your details and we can go from there. Paul
  4. ozzy2

    2010 Clearance

    mtrux : I want to keep the nova and the pipe as a package as the pipe has been matched to that engine.
  5. ozzy2

    2010 Clearance

    I have a couple of Taipan riggers that need a new home plus other items. The first one is a Taipan 21 LX this one was built to sute a Nova it is ready to run with high performanc micro servos made by Hypearion these are the lightest and most powerfull servos on the market the ready to run weight is 3 - 8oz. $790.00 Nova Top 21 t7 with manafold and pipe in exalent condition. $350.00 Next Next is Taipan 45 this one was built to sute a Picco it allso comes ready to run $790.00 Next is a Electric Taipan 6s to 10s or 4s 2p this one has the servo but no eltronics.$400.00 Next is a Nostep4 for 6s it has a servo but no electrics $250.00 Sold Pending payment Next is a CMB HR 45 in exalent condition %250.00 Additional photos are in my gallery http://www.intlwater...album&album=903 All item listed are plus shipping and that will depend on location price is in Aus dollars.
  6. ozzy2

    Taipan Hydros 2010

    New Boats for the 2010- 2012 season
  7. ozzy2

    Twin 90 boat

  8. ozzy2

    Other Stuff

  9. ozzy2


    Happy BBB/Day Bud I'm not working so hard at the new location talk to you soon PaulOZ
  10. ozzy2

    Carb mods for CMB .21 VAC?

    Hi Jorgen WC 2012 thats hard to say its a long way off but you never know were is it being held? Paul
  11. ozzy2

    Carb mods for CMB .21 VAC?

    Hi Jorgen Yes i know of one that is being curently run in the resaults so far are very good i will know more in a few weeks. Paul
  12. ozzy2

    Team Taipan

    Well after many weeks of preperation we are ready to go .
  13. ozzy2

    2010 Nationals

    Road Trip
  14. ozzy2

    Taipan 2010

    Hi Jason thanks fot the complament the 21 LX is a slimed down version i have improved the ground efects and lightend it, with small servos it has a ready to run weight of 1665 grams thats (3.6 pounds) it has exalent acclaration the nationals should be very interesting. Hi Rudi It is great to hear that you are still having great success with the Taipan 45 it has been one of the most competive riggers availabel hear in Australia for the last five years and i have been steadaly improving it since the WC in Norway. Unfortunatly i won't be atending the WC in Hungery this year but Roger will be ill have to see if he can fit one in with his luggage. You are correct about the 67/80 boat it's a great 67 rigger but with a hot 80 it was a handfull but the new refinments make it verry good 80 rigger. Ill let you know if i can send a 45 with Roger All Best Paul
  15. ozzy2

    WTB Nova 3.5cc Carb

    Julian Yes i have one new. Paul