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  1. Happy Birthday Crusty!!!

    1. SayMikey


      Crusty is COLD and thirsty for Pie

  2. Stephan Peterson

    District 2 Challenge

    Steve Peterson 1/8 Scale DSM Sport 40 DSM Thunderboat DSM
  3. Stephan Peterson

    Hydro dipping VS. Wraps

    Yes you have to clear coat it to protect the pattern. Dipping full hulls can be tricky because of their natural buoyancy. Need to dip slow and steady, and can be very challenging trying to get the hull under the water. Take care when activating print on water. Over activate and pattern will slide right off of what your dipping. Under activate and you will get small dots everywhere.
  4. Stephan Peterson

    Happy Birthday Robin Enneper

    Happy born on date Robin
  5. Thanks for a great weekend guys. One of the best run races I have attendant in a lot of years.
  6. Stephan Peterson

    Happy Birthday Paul Stirton

    Happy Birthday wild man. Good to see you at the nats lots of laughs
  7. Stephan Peterson

    2018 Hydrofest, Burton MI- August 12

    Sport 40, 1/8 scale and thunderboat all on 2.4
  8. Stephan Peterson

    Mini Gold Cup - Sunday June 3rd, 2018

    Sport 40 DSM , 1/8 Scale DSM , Thunderboat DSM
  9. Guys this is a awesome race ! Very well run and they do make the calls. If you get a chance to make it you wont be disappointed.
  10. Stephan Peterson

    Nitro Nats 2018 Rollout

    Mike 1 XL please
  11. Stephan Peterson

    3rd Channel needle

    Mike Hallam I did not think your Heath Kit radio had a 3rd channel
  12. Stephan Peterson

    Happy Birthday Randy Cartright

    Happy birthday Randy
  13. Stephan Peterson

    Current competitive boat weight is?

    Brad your thunderboat weight is the boat alone correct ?
  14. Stephan Peterson

    Current competitive boat weight is?

    Anyone what to share the weight of their sport 40 , Scale and Thunderboats
  15. Stephan Peterson

    Happy Birthday Mike Betke

    Happy born on date Mike