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  1. Elias Vazquez

    Roadrunner Twin 45 Extreme

    Looking good J...
  2. Elias Vazquez

    Twin Eagle SGX with Nova 91s

    Congrats Danny, looks and sounds sweet!!...boat is bad fast!!
  3. Elias Vazquez

    Roadrunner Twin 101 engine break in video

    Hey Julian, cool video and beautiful boat!!
  4. Elias Vazquez


    Beautiful boat Jerry, glwts.
  5. Elias Vazquez

    F/S...Nova 46 Parts Lot

    Received, thanks!
  6. Elias Vazquez

    F/S...Nova 46 Parts Lot

    Hi Matt, lot is yours!..pm sent with payment info. Thanks,
  7. Elias Vazquez

    F/S...Nova 46 Parts Lot

    Nova 46 Parts...all brand new in their original packaging. Being offered as a lot...$150.00...Sold to Matt K. Qty. Part # Description 2 - 28906 - Turbo Plug Head Button..."New Style"...( Non-Exposed Screws ) Qty. Part # Description 1 - 02902 - Cooling Cap..." New Style"...( Non-Exposed Screws ) Qty. Part # Description 2 - 29900 - Flywheel..." for Direct Drive " Qty. Part # Description 2 - 16371 - Rear/Large Crank Bearing...( Ceramic ) Buyer Pays Shipping. Paypal is preferred to... alttelecomsys@yahoo.com "No buying thru PM's". Thanks for looking, Elias
  8. Elias Vazquez

    Breaking News! Dead boat penalty?

    When Andy would call for me instead of letting me know where the dead wood was he would simply tell me what lane to drive in...and I loved it, worked like a charm. I would focus on driving my boat instead of taking my eyes off my boat to try and find the dead boat which in many instances was nearly impossible to spot.
  9. Elias Vazquez

    D hydro power

    Nova 46DD
  10. Elias Vazquez

    Favorite Riggers.....And Why...

    Great looking boats, Larry.
  11. Elias Vazquez

    The Evil Twin 90 SGX

    Congratulations!...boat looks awesome.
  12. Elias Vazquez

    F/S...Misc. # 1

    Payment and address received. Will go out on Monday. Thanks,
  13. Elias Vazquez

    F/S...Misc. # 3

    It is still available. You have a pm with postage details. Thanks,
  14. Elias Vazquez

    Favorite Riggers.....And Why...

    Here are two of my personal favorites...both have great looks and performance. Andy Brown's...Eagle SGX. Stu Barr's...Crap Shooter. Wish you and John a speedy recovery..!
  15. Elias Vazquez

    F/S...Misc. # 3

    Glenn, thanks for the kind words., it's been a pleasure doing business with you.