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  1. TimothyJones

    Thread size & pitch

    delete, my files are wrong i think
  2. TimothyJones

    Phill Thomas Stealth 45

    I love PT Hydro's
  3. TimothyJones

    Sam Bowden is getting older

    Happy Birthday Sam...Twice
  4. TimothyJones

    So Why Was My Thread Removed For my Flow Meter?

    Was it removed or moved to another thread? that’s happened to me.
  5. TimothyJones

    10 Roll Pkg of 3m Tape (lot)

    Thanks Mike for letting me know. I appreciate it. Chris also got his order today so USPS is on the ball.
  6. TimothyJones

    10 Roll Pkg of 3m Tape (lot)

    Thanks Mike USPS# 9405503699300319849665
  7. TimothyJones

    10 Roll Pkg of 3m Tape (lot)

    Those 10 are gone but have another 10. But these are $70 Per 5 rolls Shipped Free. Thanks Tim
  8. TimothyJones

    10 Roll Pkg of 3m Tape (lot)

    Pm Sent Mike, Thanks Tim
  9. TimothyJones

    10 Roll Pkg of 3m Tape (lot)

    Hi Chris I do, Pm Sent, Thanks Tim
  10. TimothyJones

    10 Roll Pkg of 3m Tape (lot)

    Lets Try This... 5 rolls shipped $65 to contiguous US (West Coast Orders Please add $4) That is Approx $11.40 a roll with the free shipping. Thanks Again Tim
  11. TimothyJones

    10 Roll Pkg of 3m Tape (lot)

    Hi All, I have a personal, less than a year old (5 year shelf life) of 10 rolls of 3m radio box tape in original packing to let go. 18 mm (approx 3/4") x 72 yards. $130.00 With Free Shipping To US. Pm me your interests, but first one to say I'll take it on post-gets it. Thanks So Much Tim
  12. RC MCDANIEL/SONIC-TRONICS NI-STARTER (MCD105) $19.95 With Free Shipping In US (Actually All Ni-Starters And Fuel Pumps Are Free Shipping) This NI-STARTER® has a 1.5" barrel. The Battery is a NiMH 3800ma cell. It locks onto the glow plug. Just push down, rotate, and it's locked for hands free operation. Charger not included. All versions of the NI-STARTER® carry a 180 day warranty against defects in workmanship or the materials used. Paypal (Friends) Check,CC Or M/O Accepted Thanks For Looking Tim
  13. TimothyJones

    Lf seaduce zenoah motor mount

    I dont want to take business from Jerry but if he cant provide one, ask him if the speedmaster will work. I have a speedmaster mount and has the coil relocate bracket included if your interested. https://www.mcssl.com/store/8c2175fc512f47f0836658c90e2ddc/catalog/product/ed2b57ba1f684f568f5ba10436639464 Tim
  14. TimothyJones

    wtb motor mount for Sport 40

    If you want speedmaster this is what I have. https://www.mcssl.com/store/8c2175fc512f47f0836658c90e2ddc/speedmaster-hardware/nitrogas-motor-mounts Tim
  15. Hi All, Has anyone tried these plugs? and would like to hear your thoughts. They are a med range,any nitro content, from my understanding. I may be able to offer a much better price than advertised and a unlimited supply. Thanks for looking Tim