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  1. Hi guys, It has been a while since I've been here but I have a question. What is the best mounting/locking system for the cowl/cockpit to the hull on a 1/8 scale hydroplane without destroying the scale looks of the hull. Can someone show me how they have done that to their hull?
  2. MrUnlimited

    Turnigy T20

    Skyrc is working on an HV esc to match the Proteus motors. I'll get 2 of those beasts (910kv) for my winterproject: MHZ138 catamaran.
  3. MrUnlimited

    Building a MHZ C5000 1380mm

    Thanks man. I'll take a look on the OSE forum.
  4. MrUnlimited

    Building a MHZ C5000 1380mm

    I am gonna purchase next month a new hull by MHZ Mystic c5000 1380mm. I like to know if someone can do a wrap for this hull (G3racing.com Aqua Mania). I also want to power this hull with 2x 6 lipo's and 2x Hobbywing Seaking 180A V3 esc. I thought to use these motors for it: http://www.tppower.com/sort.asp?class_id=4&news=57 1260KV. Is it underpowered then or is it the right choice? Let me know guys, must be a nice winterproject.
  5. MrUnlimited

    Best starter belt for Rcmk R254evo and Sullivan Dynatron

    No emailadress Mikey.
  6. MrUnlimited

    Best starter belt for Rcmk R254evo and Sullivan Dynatron

    He doesn't have a website or email Mikey. Calling from Europe is expensive.
  7. MrUnlimited

    Best starter belt for Rcmk R254evo and Sullivan Dynatron

    Mikey, I need a belt less than 6mm wide so if that is the one. Where can I get one? Rene
  8. Guys, I have some troubles with starting the engine. Probably my belt is too wide for the small flywheel on my R254 evo engine. Every time I try too start it the belt twist without turning the engine over. I want to buy a new starter belt for the engine and my starter (dynatron) so what is the best choice? I was thinking of this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Sullivan-Starter-Belt-Boats-Heli-S626-NIB-/290677688041?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item43adbd86e9#ht_510wt_1163
  9. MrUnlimited

    Best battery for starting RCMK R254 EVO engine

    Thanks Jim, I also was looking for A 123 systems batteries. 6 batteries gives 19.8v with 2300mah and a max draw power of 120amps. http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-battery-A123-systems-power-for-rc-ebike-airsoft-26650-/200626711007?pt=US_Rechargeable_Batteries&hash=item2eb648a9df#ht_3361wt_813
  10. MrUnlimited

    Best battery for starting RCMK R254 EVO engine

    Jim, Thanks for the reply. What capacity is the battery?
  11. Guys, What do you suggest as battery for powering my Sullivan Tork startermotor to start my 26cc RCMK R254 EVO engine? I blown today a 5s 35C 5000mah battery when trying to start the enigne. What is the best battery? The old fashioned 12V car battery of something lighter to carry.
  12. MrUnlimited

    U-95 Gas Scale

    That is great to see! What engine do you have in that?
  13. MrUnlimited

    1/8 scale hardware

    http://www.accu-techrchardware.com/ another one
  14. MrUnlimited

    2002 Miss Budweiser "Gas Scale Hydro"

    Very nice Marty. What prop where you running?
  15. MrUnlimited

    RCU 8th Scale Brushless Hydroplane Build

    DAMN, that is a very nice looking boat! How many lipo cells are you going to run and what motor?