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  1. BradSpencer

    OS Remote Needles / Parts

    Funds received, thanks Mike. Will PM tracking info once shipped(today or tomorrow).
  2. BradSpencer

    OS Remote Needles / Parts

    Hi Mike, v2 Piston and Liner $115 US. shipping with tracking $20 US.
  3. BradSpencer

    OS Remote Needles / Parts

    Sure thing Alan, Total is $60 US. paypal is: ace_r_16@yahoo.com.au All the parcels I have shipped to the US this year have only taken about 10 days to arrive. thank you, Brad
  4. BradSpencer

    OS Remote Needles / Parts

    Hi Alan, I have the off road b2101 and b2102 p/l/r sets in stock, as well as the 21xm p/l V1 and V2 in stock. Inflight needles are $27 US each plus shipping. Plenty in stock. prices and details on first page are correct. All 21xm parts in stock.
  5. BradSpencer

    2 x Novarossi 35plus outboard engines

    Thank you Toru, i will have them shipped within 1 hour!
  6. BradSpencer

    2 x Novarossi 35plus outboard engines

    Hi Toru, yes, still available. I will send you a PM with payment details.
  7. BradSpencer

    OS Remote Needles / Parts

    Ok guys, I have finally unpacked and organised all my OS inventory since moving house in September. OS lowers, cranks, piston/liners, bearings Inflight needles etc etc all in stock
  8. BradSpencer

    2 x Novarossi 35plus outboard engines

    Hi Jamie, A Keep PTO assembly will fit these engines, or KRE can make a new PTO housing. the only two options I would recommend.
  9. BradSpencer

    2 x Novarossi 35plus outboard engines

    Two Novarossi 35plus Outboard power heads to suit 21xm lowers. - Both have standard 35plus sleeve and crank timing. - Both have 14.5mm Lights crank and PTO. - Both cranks have been flowed and silicon filled. - Orlic water jackets. VERY strong running engines, in great condition and ready to race. 1. $290 US 2. $290 US Shipping to US addresses $20 US for one or both engines (includes tracking). Will Ship to other countries, ask for shipping price(should be very similar to the US shipping rates). Payment by paypal. Please allow a day or two for me to get to the post office, will get them shipped ASAP Engine #1 Engine #2
  10. BradSpencer

    OS Remote Needles / Parts

    Thanks Doc, items shipped yesterday. Payment received from Dan today. Anytime Dragon breeder
  11. BradSpencer

    L/F Novarossi 35 Plus Outboard Crank

    Brad told me the fastest guys run these Don't you know it
  12. BradSpencer

    Nova 7 port

    You got it - Sold
  13. BradSpencer

    Nova 7 port

    Yep, will make a good back up without spending all your beer money. I never ran this engine but looks good. That flywheel on your engine will go straight onto this.
  14. BradSpencer

    Novarossi 35plus Outboard engines

  15. BradSpencer

    Nova 7 port

    Bump, back up for grabs. No further contact from previous buyer......