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  1. Tom v.d Brink

    Carb Flowbench Testing

    Seem to have found back an older topic, anyway I couldn't help myself......very interesting
  2. Tom v.d Brink

    WTB .21 Zoom III nova carb

    Hi guys, Thinking about doing something with the hobby again. Hence looking to buy a: Zoom carburetor for .21 engines in the novarossi style mounting (shipped to the Netherlands paid preferably by paypal) Any one know of one or can help me out would be much appreciated. Looking forward to offers, regards, Tom van den Brink
  3. Tom v.d Brink

    Port Width Calculator

    Lohring, have you checked the coding behind the program? if i was programming for engineers i would also make them input the straight measurement. it is not trust worthy to let people measure the arc length as the might need to resolve to tools with large margins of error. then if it is assumed the arc length is the value needed for the sim it is easy to calculate this in the background. the user normally doesn't get to see the coding so he might not know better then the straight value is the one to look for. depending on the amount of output i guess it should be not to hard to check what the program really uses if you wanted to. @marty, nice paper by the way i am studying it tonight.
  4. Tom v.d Brink

    JAE.21G plans are officially released!!!

    I've got to ask when building with a rear induction motor (MAC) would the motor location need changing with the slightly heavier motor and the pipe way more backwards? Other then that looking forward to see it go. And thanks to all who make this design available!
  5. Tom v.d Brink

    Another close-up of the engine from the rear

    superb looking piece of engineering! can't wait for the running video.....
  6. Tom v.d Brink

    rigger pulling to the right ?

    jeroen, the depth of your rudder might well be a problem as well. 3inch is a depth used for .45 size boats with 60mm propellors. my rudder is about 3.75" from the bottom of the hull and on high pitch propellors i still have to be carefull not to go on the throttle to quick as it will pull.
  7. Tom v.d Brink

    Looking for spray bar plate for cmb evo45 carb

    Paul, option1 talk to jack, he got all my old cmb45 GPE parts a while ago and there were two or three in there I am pretty sure he doesn't use all but you will need to replace the o-rings. option2 I have for you a MAC like spraybar plate for which you need to use an in-line needle valve. that might not work with the low-end needle the way it is now. option3 if you give me time i can machine something for you that matches the original and the mac style plate. will need to have the original here to copy from though. good luck Tom van den Brink
  8. Tom v.d Brink

    rigger pulling to the right ?

    chris is absolutely correct lifting and digging in turns is a result of vertical turnfin angle. normally you align the bend lines of the turnfin to run parallel to the hull or if your hull is setup incorrectly (and the hull does not run level) you might need a different angle then paralel in which case you will have to experiment to get it right. but also as chris said don't let it dig!!
  9. Tom v.d Brink

    rigger pulling to the right ?

    It would have been better to set up your sponson angles as well before testing again. I do advise you do this before trying other things.
  10. Tom v.d Brink

    SOLD- AB modded MAC45

    sold! will arange things with you by email don.
  11. Tom v.d Brink

    divinycell H

    which version of divinycell are you guys using actually? they have various densities.
  12. Tom v.d Brink

    rigger pulling to the right ?

    Jeroen, could have just called me but anyway, steering left without throttling down is a real no-no with any rigger as has been said before. turnfin is as said before angled on outside only at 45degree sharp edge. (sharpness, as long as not ridiculously blunt, is not that much of a factor at those speeds) then for setup: - adjust your sponsons to run parallel to the tub. - don't run any toe in or out on them. - make sure they are spaced equally from the tub - run the strut straight from the back no angle, no offset. - correct front sponson angles: dip the left sponson angle a tiny bit compared to the right. it is like that on my boat and on the setup instructions.
  13. Awsome mike!!! must be an absolute thrill to ride the boat instead of beeing on shore with the remote. go get that 100.
  14. Tom v.d Brink

    Happy Birthday Walt!!!

    Walt, happy birthday!
  15. Tom, I'm sorry but if you came to a day where the only change is the increased humidity then it is not possible to have to richen your motor up. air density goes down by increased humidity (humidity=percentage of water vapor contained in the air over the maximum capable water vapor possible in the air at the current temperature) this would mean the engine would run to rich and you have to lean out, again if nothing else changed. so for air density you need air temperature, air pressure and humidity(where the humidity is also related to the temperature again as the maximum vapor pressure is determined by temperature). changing from a random day from 30% to 80% humidity would cause a RAD drop of about 1.2% this would cause a 1.15% to 1.5% power correction factor (depending on which temperature and pressure correction factors you believe in) So I suspect other factors might have caused the drop in speed (boat, motor, waterconditions finally as John stated keeping track of the air density by either a RAD gauge or measuring temperature, pressure and humidity is vital. last season i kept a constant log of these factors and it increased my consistancy in races tremendously.