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  1. Eric Canto

    90-101 Single Props 1667's

    Are they 1667's?
  2. Eric Canto

    FS NIB MAC 1130 Tuned Pipe (SOLD)

    I’ll take it
  3. Eric Canto

    OS Max 46 VR-M

    Thank you
  4. Eric Canto

    OS Max 46 VR-M

    Do these engines drop right into the same mount as a k/b 45?
  5. Eric Canto

    Pipes for sale

    I will take the ops pipe
  6. Eric Canto

    SLR missle

  7. Eric Canto

    SLR missle

    Although I have been racing boats for over 30 years, I have never owned a gas boat. I recently purchased an SLR Missle. What should I expect? Any tips? Thanks
  8. Eric Canto

    Boat F/S

    Boat and Cowl arrived and looks great. Thanks Nick!!
  9. Eric Canto

    21 Roadrunner

    This is a great deal! I can’t believe no one is buying it for cash at the asking price!
  10. Eric Canto

    SOLD Thunderboat $850 RTR

    I will take it
  11. Eric Canto

    MAC 67 FS

    Hello Sam. I will take it if you can do $150.00. Thanks
  12. Anyone have the dates for the mid March race in Brandon? Thanks
  13. Eric Canto

    Exhaust Question for Wrap around header riggers.

    With other threads spending a lot of time talking about how to keep the tuned pipe hot, you may want to consider that the pipe will get cooled from turn fin water on the right side.
  14. Eric Canto

    Boat F/S

    I’ll take it
  15. Eric Canto

    FS K&B .45 Carbs

    I’ll take the one with the larger throat