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  1. Eric Canto

    WTB H29's

    Anyone have two or three raw H29's they would like to sell?
  2. Eric Canto


    Sounds great. PM paypal please Thanks
  3. Eric Canto


    I can offer $100.00 shipped on the P/S
  4. Eric Canto

    K&B 1L and HP Glow Plugs For Sale

    I will take the HP's. PM paypal info please Thanks
  5. Eric Canto

    AB 21 Parabolic Pipe, and Prather/Macs 7.5 Pipe

    Ill take the .21 pipe. PM paypal info please
  6. Eric Canto

    Extending the carb out?

    The longer intake tract would have the opposite effect. The fuel would be more likely to fall OUT of atomization due to the longer intake tract. I am assuming you are talking about a nitro engine
  7. Eric Canto


    SGX, AB black 45 muffled pipe, 1462 #2 profile. David did mod the AA45 and it is VERY strong. It has a fair amount of 60% through it with zero issues at all. I had just changed from running a V955/3 to the 1462 right before the run in this video. The tail end hop was because I had adjusted the strut for the 1462 and missed the perfect angle just a bit. Of course I did not forget to grease the shaft but this run was at the end of the day and I was pushing it. The boat had made many strong runs earlier and the AA45 is impressive.
  8. Eric Canto

    CMB 21

    I have purchased from Kerry before and I sent him the PM asking to buy the P/S after the post was a week old and seemed to be getting no more activity. I did not mean to "break the rules" and so I apologize to Kerry for him now having a post in his thread about the rules. It certainly appears that everyone got exactly the pieces they wanted at the price they wanted, so I am happy for that.
  9. Eric Canto

    Roadrunner Twin 101 engine break in video

    Cool video. I would like to see that same camera angle at full throttle to see how much hard water is coming off the front of the turn fin bracket at higher speeds
  10. Eric Canto

    K&B 7.5 and Load of Parts

    Hello Kerry. The packaged arrived and I appreciate the deal. Thanks
  11. Eric Canto

    K&B 7.5 and Load of Parts

  12. Eric Canto

    K&B 7.5 and Load of Parts

    Ill take it. Thanks
  13. Eric Canto

    K&B 7.5 inboard

    Will you do $50.00? If so, I will take it. Thanks
  14. Eric Canto

    Servos, engines parts for sale

    That is a great engine, but not the one i have
  15. Eric Canto

    Servos, engines parts for sale