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    outboard engines

    anyone else make an outboard engine besides k&b.?? been thinking of getting into boats but all ive read on here about k&b engines now i dont know..
  2. Ok here goes I have a 58" thundercat hull the guy tells me I can use nitro or gas engines nitro is a .90-1.0 gas is a 23-35. Ok all the sites ive looked at none of the 23-35 gas engines compare to the .90 nitro engine in h.p and weight so why use gas? seems nitro is going to weigh less and have more power which to me means a lighter and faster boat. does any of this make any since.?
  3. I'm fixing to get ready to order this hull and I only have one problemwith it as you can see from the pic. the tuned pipe sticking out the back of the boat I dont want that... is there any way of geting around that.??
  4. 2FAST4U

    Question for you (CAT) guys

    Thanks for the info guys.... what im trying to get is this.. you can see in the pic. below where the stinger exits in the rear of the boat