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  1. Kris Flynn

    Hopper tanks

    Here you go
  2. Kris Flynn

    Hopper tanks

    Great info gents....I love those triangle hoppers i have got from John, need some more actually. Might be time to lift my tanks and remove the hopper to see if any good changes... But DO NOT use them on a nova 46 outboard...you cannot get the holes big enough to get proper fuel flow :-)
  3. Understood Rod...have fun mate. I only knew of 2 ratios...is there one that increases RPM at the prop?
  4. I can shoot you some cables if you want Rod. I have seen them fail at the end of the square (if soldered)...which is OK for testing, but a PAIN if too often. Offer is there if you want :-)
  5. Kris Flynn

    .46 props

    on my hulls with the Nova46, the 19-15 prop Brian is talking about was awesome...I found it really pushed the nose in hard, bucked the rear and handled like crap...but once at a good speed (over about 100KPH/65mph) it was great Mind you, that was for SAW records with prop a little deeper and slight more angle than an oval setup. hope this adds help
  6. Kris Flynn

    Broken Rod

    Greg, do all you guys use that same fuel? I doubt it would be that though...its top grade stuff. I am pretty sure that is the newer rod Greg, the old rod was square on the edges, not 'knife edged' like the new ones
  7. Kris Flynn

    Broken Rod

    What Fuel? More than likely a fuel/oil issue
  8. Kris Flynn

    tunnel bottom side ?

    If we are talking rough water stability in the straights, I found 17deg deadrise good (same for port and starboard), 24mm deep tunnel at transom, but also important is the height of tips and the way the sponsons rise to the tips from the 'flat' (side view) of the ride pads. Now, the fun is to make to go fast in the straights AND the corners That is where a lot of designs differ. (ie some do a lot better than others) Kris 736mm Dragon Racing Tunnel-Model.pdf 736mm Dragon Racing Tunnel.dxf
  9. Kris Flynn

    Sure seems dead around here.

    Wow Bill, Chill Man I know you are not showing the whole picture...some secret shit been photo shopped out...I got a good eye for that
  10. Kris Flynn

    Sure seems dead around here.

    BOOM, very important statements in there Wally! Taking time to KNOW YOUR BOAT and learn what happens when you do stuff to the setup! Bill, I saw some nasty stuff happen on my SAW boat when it had stumble blocks...but it was more of a balance thing in the end (balance of air in that is). Boat porpoised like crazy over 100kph and would blow off...removed the blocks and BAM back to 120kph with minimal issues. But my oval M11 doing 120KPH did not show any signs of porpoise (with blocks)...so it is about the balance IMO. Dave Moyle has a great running design over here which does not use Stumble blocks...you are just crazy to not use them (as we discussed previously lol)
  11. Kris Flynn

    Sure seems dead around here.

    Tommy.. The VS-1 (yes its outdated in my opinion). Was not designed using the XT460 as a base platform. As a matter of fact I have never owned or drove a 460. I really knew very little about the hull until I updated the build manual for Ron using your hand written instructions. Grim X2 for me never had or seen one myself...heard they are pretty good, especially for the age!
  12. Kris Flynn

    OS Outboard Parts

    Ron has a lot of good stuff for sure...another option for some is Brad Spencer (see manufacturers section)
  13. Kris Flynn

    Water line configuration best result?

    UNLESS your motor needs it more than your speedy (ie SPEC motors ) I personally wouldnt even use the cooling on the motor mount, would be alot nice loking without those extra tubes...pretty sure it does bugger all anyway (especially compared to you motor can cooler!)
  14. Kris Flynn

    Vision 3.5 Nova Rossi complete minus receiver

    buying up all the competition Ron? hehe
  15. Kris Flynn

    StumpFAB's new twin Q tunnel build.

    They are very nice speedies for the job...twin 1600kv motors are going to be brutal. Cannot wait to see it !