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  1. BobBonahoom

    Ceramic Head Buttons?

    Marty, Thanks for asking Brian about it. No sense wasting time and money on it after all the work that was done by Toyota. Everything seems to point toward cooling the gas charge for more density and lighting it off at just the right time. Funny, I think that is called a spark plug! I have always thought what we really need are high performance spark ignition nitro engines. People say that using spark with nitro is unsafe, but nothing could be further from the truth!
  2. I shrink a piece of heat shrink tubing around the plugged together connectors and then put a dab of RTV on the place where the wire comes out of the heat shrink.
  3. BobBonahoom

    Ponds Near Ft Lauderdale?

    I am relaxing in Ft Lauderdale this weekend (Jan 5 & 6). Are there any ponds near here that I can visit and watch people run boats?
  4. BobBonahoom

    Ceramic Head Buttons?

    Has anyone ever tried machining a head button out of a machinable ceramic material like macor? I wonder if its thermal insulating properties would make the combustion process more efficient? Also, it may then be easy to sputter a thin film of Pt/Ir onto the ceramic dome, which may be catalytic to methanol because of the heat retention. In other words, the button becomes a sort of giant glow plug and you get a more even and efficient burn. This sounds a bit looney, but just wondering. I was remembering when people were running engines with 3 glow plugs and just started wondering. Thoughts?
  5. BobBonahoom

    bvm remote needle valve

    Stu Barr bought the product line and sells them now. crpshtr@aol.com
  6. Has anyone done a test to compare a JAE 21 with GT front sponsons to the same boat with G2 fronts? I could be wrong, but it seems like the older G2s launched better.
  7. BobBonahoom

    Tape Adhesive Sticks to Klass Kote

    Jerry's good old Johnson Paste wax is what I will try. Thank you all !
  8. BobBonahoom

    Tape Adhesive Sticks to Klass Kote

    I am using the 3M stuff in the pic. I got it from either Zipp or possibly from Don Ferrette at the internats.
  9. I had been using PPG Concept single stage car paint for many years but decided to try Klass Kote Epoxy instead. I like the Klass Kote, but now find that every time I pull the radio box tape off, the tape's adhesive sticks to the paint. This never happened with the car paint. Getting the adhesive goo off is a real pain. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to prevent this? (I have learned that WD-40 takes the adhesive off better than Goo-gone, but it is still a nuisance and a lot of trouble).
  10. BobBonahoom

    Wild Thing Kit

    This boat has been sold and shipped to Henkie in the Netherlands.
  11. BobBonahoom

    Wild Thing Kit

    I will send you a PM.
  12. BobBonahoom

    Wild Thing Kit

    Hendrik, The cost to ship to The Netherlands is $65. I was planning only $15 inside the US, so if you will pay the extra $50 I will ship to the Netherlands. Price for that is $75 + $50 = $125.
  13. BobBonahoom

    Wild Thing Kit

    I forgot to mention, this is a 21 nitro kit. Like the purple one on Mike's web site.
  14. BobBonahoom

    Wild Thing Kit

    I have a new Wild Thing kit for sale. $75 shipped in the lower 48 states. Paypal only please. There were no instructions with the kit, but I assume you can download them from Mike's web site. Bob
  15. BobBonahoom

    Piranha rigger

    Here is a pic of my old Piranha...Late 70s I think???? (Or was this a Wing Ding...can't remember)