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  1. thomaselkins

    Huntsville Alabama May 19-22 Race

    Want to attend, trying to get Larry on board
  2. thomaselkins

    OPS 67 Speed redhead

    lower price 300.00 contact Larry Beals at 727-557-8146
  3. thomaselkins

    CMB 91 HR new in Box

    Lower Price 350.00 give larry a call 727-557-8146
  4. thomaselkins

    OPS 67 Speed redhead

  5. thomaselkins

    OPS 67 Speed redhead

    OPS Speed 67 , never run, needle bearing crank, like new, complete no box contact Larry Beals at 727-557-8146 350.00 do have pic and can send them just unable to upload here tonight. call
  6. thomaselkins

    CMB 91 HR new in Box

    Brand New never seen fuel, no rust anywhere, 91 HR CMB Contact Larry Beals for info 727-557-8146 400.00us $ problems with uploads tonight call for txt pics
  7. thomaselkins

    WTB: Rigging for Twin Hydro throttle setup

    rc helo fly bars and control arms look so much better than the dubro stuff
  8. thomaselkins

    D-3 Melbourne Points Race

    your FOS
  9. thomaselkins

    2015 New Design SGX Twin " Big Engines"

    I'm not sure what you are saying Thomas Elkins. Maybe you can be more specific? There is not one part or product that was used to build Allan's Twin 90 that can be picked up at the local HD or Lowes. taken wrong Andy dident mean anything neg. but while we are on the subject I build with as little wood as possible, all nomex honeycomb tub and solid center cut balsa core sponsons no foam . glues are best hysol you can get, most all products same as you would see used in mil. spec aircraft. keep up the good work it looks great. Tom
  10. Larry and I are planning the trip , will let you know soon. How about some cheap hotels/motels?? camper in someones yard?
  11. thomaselkins

    2015 New Design SGX Twin " Big Engines"

    really good to see someone getting back to basics of boat building, I really like that repairs/material can all be pick up local at HD or Lowes and when you change a door in your house keep the wood for spare splice plates. GOOD Job Andy
  12. thomaselkins


    sponson block inside sponson came loose and had to be ratcheted, did it by putting a 1 inch hole on inboard side to work thur, repaired the access hole with epoxy, would have to know it was there to see it. that was way back, repair was a fix, raced hard many times after repair. thats it for any repairs, boat is solid.
  13. thomaselkins


    The sunshine state, yes been in battle, as for cracks it fiberglass a stress crack here and there in gell coat just as any boat, shipping should set you back about 40-60
  14. thomaselkins


    AS Requested