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  1. adam larvenz

    nitro catamerans

    A lot of great replies thanks to every one . adam larvenz
  2. adam larvenz

    nitro catamerans

    thanks grim I will dust it off and try it adam
  3. adam larvenz

    nitro catamerans

    Hi does nitro catamerans race in d4 have a old 67 cat like to get dusted off and race if any one has a class . thanks adam larvenz
  4. adam larvenz

    what is the fastest oval class impba

    think I may go gas single engine . and a new 90 nitro engine thanks every one
  5. what is the fastest class gas or nitro single or twin or electric want one extreme Oval rigger Thanks for any answers adam
  6. adam larvenz

    Pipe Silencers / Stingers

    Hi I am running a 29.9 zanoha gzr pipe how much louder is the mini vs regular size zip code 61265 Moline , IL
  7. adam larvenz

    Props in stock as of 11/15/2017

    Hi walt I am running a x440 on my 20 suducer mono hope to get three props balanced an sharpened motor purple head rossi . Thanks adam
  8. adam larvenz

    Tanks 2 U

    Hi Walt woundered what ur charge is on fuel tanks looking to replace 5 tanks mono gas 2 and three rigger tanks one 90 two 65 also did u get my pp for the props thanks adam larvenz
  9. adam larvenz

    Props in stock as of 11/15/2017

    Hi Walt Got the props today thank U very much I found my paypal info and sent the money if u do not get it please let me know . adam larvenz
  10. adam larvenz

    Props in stock as of 11/15/2017

    Hi my address is 3306 - 38 th / street Moline , IL 61265 adam larvenz
  11. adam larvenz

    Props in stock as of 11/15/2017

    HI like 2714-15-65/3 and a 2816-10-50/2 shipped to Moline,il 61265 adam larvenz can I pay other then paypal .
  12. adam larvenz

    .12 pipes

    Hi every one thanks for the help on my way with the jae 12 agin lol bought a prop from Mr. Sholund Great person to deal with also got a pipe from him will be doing more with him adam larvenz
  13. adam larvenz


    When u get a new order in would u let me know Thanks adam larvenz
  14. adam larvenz


    Hi Mr Walt I would like a 1614/3 chopper shipped to Mr Sholund If u have one My name is adam larvenz 3306-38th street moline,il 61265 309-798-1061 if u want to call me paypal will work I wrote it down from all ur other responses Thanks adam need to get a price check back later tonight
  15. adam larvenz

    .12 pipes

    Hi Mr . Sholund like a price on a 12 prop I only have the one offered on jae site boat jae built by the jae person about a yr ago Sorry I have a hard time with names he did a nice job motor novarossi 5 port marine bought from glen new need a pipe and prop then a prop for a 20 seducer mono dick jones raced with dick jones novarossi long stroke purple motor has a x440 /3 stock prop if u have time prop for 67 sg with black nitro pipe not andys not sure prop size another standerd size running at 74.5 I believe will have voorhies put new bearings in next summer working mainly on 20 mono and 12 this summer like one for a gas whiplash with a stock 28.9 cylinder from gizmo just bought from a friend 2 wks ago he said a 1617/3 -19 roughly I'm not sure I live in Moline il 61265 thanks adam larvenz