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  1. You do not need a 100 ton press and a set of squaring dies to make a squared end cable.... I recently acquired a Thunder Tiger outboard for testing some ideas I have.... Thunder Tiger parts , though still available , are difficult to obtain in North America. I am going to make a couple of spare cables for the Thunder Tiger and I thought maybe passing on this skill would be beneficial to the RC boaters. Just because it is easy , I am going to cut off a K&B cable to the correct length and then clean and lightly solder the cut off end with about 1/2" of solder. Then simply sand off the soldered end to a squared configuration until it slips into the prop bearing and or PTO drive...... This works great.... For special projects in the past I have bought raw cable from speedometer shops . I wouldn't be surprised if raw cable is also available from McMaster - Carr...
  2. Geraghty

    JAE 21 GT vs G2 Front Sponsons

    Lets resolve this circle jerk....There are [2] ways to resolve this..... 1.I will make a sketch of what to do to modify the earlier GT sponsons and will email it to anybody wants it..... Just give me your email address and I will forward you the sketch.... 2.Call Joe....It is no secret that Joe is very customer friendly and will help anyway that makes you happy... Either way these solutions will take you no longer than 30 minutes to solve any issues you have with the GT sponsons.....
  3. Geraghty

    JAE 21 GT vs G2 Front Sponsons

    Buckshot....call me Rod Geraghty 1-715-926-6096 or 1-715-495-5025 [cell]
  4. Geraghty

    WTB - Thunder Tiger Outboard..I found one

    Mike, Go into Google images and there will be about 100 photos of the motor.....
  5. Thanks to everyone....I found a brand new one in the box...
  6. I very seldom pass out accolades for a job well done but this is an exception.... After 8+ years I finally resolved my Pacemaker/defib 2.4 problems so I decided to build a JAE as a test platform for several ideas I would like to test...... I have never driven a JAE , but that is about to change.... I decided to build the JAE .21 GT box stock exactly how it comes from Zippkits , hardware and all for my test platform.... I decided to commission Mike Walker to build the boat for me , install the hardware and finish the boat in a automotive clear kote.... I just received the boat from Mike and I am here to tell you this is one "bitchen'" boat.... On a scale of 1 to 10 this boat is definitely a 9.95...... The construction techniques , and finish are superb....and.....the price was definitely right.....
  7. Geraghty

    JAE 21GT Build

    Run your boat first............then report back to the forum if you feel you need adjustable sponsons......
  8. Geraghty

    Got a question, who's tuned pipe is this

    It sure looks like a International Products pipe from 25 years ago... They were very good pipes
  9. Geraghty

    Got a question, who's tuned pipe is this

    Maybe International Products..... Long gone for years... Ray could be correct....It does look like a OPS 3280....who knows...lol
  10. Geraghty

    JAE 21GT Build

    Mike , Text me your phone number... 715-495-5025 Rod
  11. Geraghty

    JAE History

    Aware of all that....thinking it might be at the power that they transmit and receive that causes problems....don't really know .... As long as I am still standing and my BVD's remain clean and I smell like Irish Spring I am....."VERY HAPPY" Wireless router, Bluetooth, cellphones, smart TV's
  12. Geraghty

    14MM Novarossi outboard conversion kit

    If I was to guess I would say a Tim Leyde piece....Very nice crank & PTO
  13. Geraghty

    JAE History

    Talk to David Preusse ..... he has a JAE twin and it runs well....I am sure he has some suggestions for you to consider...
  14. Geraghty

    JAE History

    Talk to David Preusse ..... he has a JAE twin and it runs well....I am sure he has some suggestions for you to consider...
  15. Geraghty

    JAE History

    Not my cordless phones...lol....and at 76 I ain't having any babies.....