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  1. Michael  Costanzo

    2018 IMPBA Fall Nationals

    well said doc! great time hanging out with old friend's and meeting some new one's.weather was great and racer's were even better! thanks to all that made it a great and fun race,mike.
  2. Michael  Costanzo

    2018 IMPBA Fall Nationals

    A..O.. Bada Bing, i got you covered!!
  3. Michael  Costanzo

    And The Testing Continues

    that thing is rock'n! sound's just like a good .21 should sound like,like a dremel toool...
  4. Michael  Costanzo

    looking for WIS bearings

    thanks dave,mike.
  5. Michael  Costanzo

    looking for WIS bearings

    tried to Pm John T on here for some good bearings,no reply yet. need a set for a CMB VAC .91. any help would be great.thanks mike.
  6. Michael  Costanzo


    john, we have done this with some of our drag engine parts with very good results,mike.
  7. Michael  Costanzo

    Current Sales SPECIALS for Rattlesnake RC$4

    a big thank you to bill for the great service and the fastest shipping i have ever seen!! thanks so much,mike.
  8. Michael  Costanzo

    State of Affairs for RC Boat Racing

    great post joe!!!
  9. Michael  Costanzo

    Twin Eagle SGX with Nova 91s

    that's a bad bitch right there!! awesome acceleration! good luck with it!
  10. Michael  Costanzo

    front sponson ride pad question

    wow. that is some interesting set up. there. never seen a turn fin mounted on the very outside of the sponson.thank you for sharing.
  11. Michael  Costanzo

    67 SAW

    don't matter how it looks, as long as it go's fast and does the job it was intended to do,good luck with it and have fun! PS,i have been saying for 18 years i am going to paint my drag car...well it's still is in primer and still goes really fast!!
  12. Michael  Costanzo

    Silent engine.

    very sorry to here the sad news.RIP.
  13. Michael  Costanzo


    almost fell off the chair! thats some funny shit!!
  14. Michael  Costanzo

    rear sponsons

    it makes the boat have something to ride on in the corners and make the hull more stable in rougher water.
  15. Michael  Costanzo

    Latest project.

    Thats a conewton valve with twin wabulator shafts used to make Johnson rods! don't forget about the finigin pin rotaing du hickky...