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  1. JoachimRuess

    Need contact for Frank Werner

    Hi Aaron, Frank is here on intlwaters. His nick name is D-7. Hope this helps Joachim
  2. JoachimRuess

    OPS Collectors

    Yes, it was a classic 3- point roundnose. If you google mantua Kobra you can see pictures Joachim
  3. JoachimRuess

    OPS Collectors

    Oh, i have forgotten this: The B20 was built by OPS, at that time Gualtiero Picco was the chief constructer.
  4. JoachimRuess

    OPS Collectors

    Yes, Gill is nearly right. In the seventies Georgio Merlotti had a Kobra roundnose (later sold by mantua models) and set a world record i think 154 km/h. The boat was powered by an ops B20. The 20 means 20 ccm, it was a 1.2 cubic engine.
  5. JoachimRuess

    KRE Carbs

    Hi Ken, i am very interested in a nova .21 carb and a carb for nova .91. Do you have or can make me one? Thanks Joachim
  6. JoachimRuess

    45 twin new build

    Ken, thanks for information Joachim
  7. JoachimRuess

    45 twin new build

    Ken, can you tell me from what manufacturer the pipes are? Are they MACs pipes? Thanks Joachim
  8. JoachimRuess

    Name that Vintage Rigger

    Gerald, i know the two peaple that lived near Kaiserslautern here in Germany. The name of them were Russ Scaroni and Michael Haag. Both were very active in the late 80s and 90s. At this time the „american classes“ with riggers and monos arent very popular in Germany, we ran boats for Naviga classes. Have fun with your german rigger Joachim
  9. JoachimRuess

    Name that Vintage Rigger

    Hi Gerald, is inside your „nugga rigger“ a small label MR boats? The nick name nugga don‘t say me anything though i am in modelboats in Germany since 1967. Greetings Joachim
  10. JoachimRuess

    Nova Rossi 15cc Pipes

    Joe, thank you for the info Joachim
  11. JoachimRuess

    Nova Rossi 15cc Pipes

    Can you post a photo or the orders number of the pipe? There are three pipes on the Nova Website! Thanks Joachim
  12. JoachimRuess

    MAC 45

    Andy, you have a pm. Thanks Joachim
  13. JoachimRuess

    MAC 45

    I will be very interested in the crankcase if you want to split. Postage to germany please. Thanks Joachim
  14. JoachimRuess

    Pictures from the 2018 Winter Nitro Champs in Florida

    Ian, thank you for sharing these pictures with us. It was great being there! Joachim
  15. JoachimRuess

    Inb Pipe

    This could be a E.D. Power pipe from England