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  1. Manuel Xavier

    Sure seems dead around here.

    The backplate assembly of the stock TT outboard needs some lathe work. Nothing complicated.
  2. Manuel Xavier

    Sure seems dead around here.

    It´s a thunder tiger BX-R 21 OS 2D carb the lower unit it´s also thunder tiger but with 1.27:1 gear ratio and the propeller it´s a prather 225 or the octura 447 reduced to 45mm.
  3. Manuel Xavier

    Sure seems dead around here.

    Only one small correction I live in Portugal but sometimes the races are in Spain. After all it´s only 450Km or 280miles.
  4. Manuel Xavier

    Free Dragon Plans

    I will Krys. Here in Portugal there are two dragons built from the scratch (one is mine) and soon they will be on the water. You did a great job of divulging the modality posting this plans and also very important helping and giving advices. Dragons forever
  5. Manuel Xavier

    Tunnelstuff in Norway

    Very good work. I like it very much. One question. Does the power trim give good results? As I saw you already tried it.
  6. Manuel Xavier

    Free Dragon Plans

    I hope it will also works well with an IC outboard. I know already what will be my next project when I will finish the dragon 32 I am building.
  7. Manuel Xavier

    Jerry Dunlap WOF29

    P.M. sent
  8. Manuel Xavier

    unkown hull?

    It´s a FSR class hull for inboard engines probably a Merlotti skual or a clone late 70´s I think. If you adapt the 45 K&b to work inboard with a shaft it will work nice in this hull.
  9. Manuel Xavier

    Threads on OS Lower unit

    Take a look http://www.ebay.ie/itm/M9-x-0-75mm-Metric-HSS-Left-hand-Tap-9mm-x-0-75-Pitch-/112237745615?hash=item1a21e415cf:g:6ZAAAOSwZVlXoA7C
  10. Manuel Xavier

    Threads on OS Lower unit

    M9x0.75 left hand thread
  11. Manuel Xavier

    FREE Dragon F1 Tunnel plans

    Thanks a lot for the information. According to this information and the enlarged plan the overall length of the hull will be 810 mm and overall width 303 mm (tunnel width153 mm). When I start building I will post photos and information.
  12. Manuel Xavier

    FREE Dragon F1 Tunnel plans

    I already made a print of the plans. In fact I made two prints one with the original dimensions and another one 10% bigger, for a modified .21 engine, which I plan to begin soon using the W.O.F. construction method. Any advice and comments are welcome.
  13. Manuel Xavier

    SAW tunnel record team effort

    The Space Shuttle is the skater XL from H&M http://hydromarine.de/product_info.php?products_id=205 The other one posted by Ron B. is also a skater from H&M but the smaller version http://hydromarine.de/product_info.php?products_id=5
  14. Manuel Xavier

    Needed to 2 hornet ( tunnel) cowl's

    Does the Hornet perform well with the Dumas cowl or the original one would be better? Manuel Xavier
  15. Manuel Xavier

    Wanted to buy - CMB 21 VALVOLA green head - new unused

    PM sent.