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  1. joebranca


    Ok, you ship only in US. But, if I would like to buy one of this item, where i can? Thanks you for your answer, giovanni
  2. Hi Vic, I would like to buy the 7.5 mount. Please, let me know the total bill shipped in Italy. Thanks you, giovanni
  3. joebranca

    Trailer Set-Up

    Sorry Julian, I have the same problem. May you send me the same photos by e- mail? Thank you in advance and best regards, giovanni branca32@giovannibranca.191.it
  4. joebranca


    Good morning, I'm interested at this lower unit. May I have some foto and details (3.5, 7.5 or more? - price?) Thanks you in advance, joebranca from Italy
  5. joebranca

    CMB 45 RS outboard with KB lower and H50 prop

    Hi, I come from Italy and I am very interested to buy this items. Do you can send this in Italy? I can pay you with Paypal. Let me know. Best Regards, joe
  6. joebranca

    wtb octura props in australia

    Good Morning, my son is started for a holiday in Australia and I would like to buy the octura props. Please, someone may tell me the web site were I can order the props? Thanks in advance and sorry for my english. joe branca
  7. joebranca

    Finally getting to it

    Ciao Walter, I have one like this, but I have only the boat and the engine. I would like to mount the engine in the lower unit that show in your boat, but I do not know where you buyed it. Some informations, please? Thank you in advance and beste regards, Giovanni
  8. joebranca

    Ozspec hobbies/Novarossi Australia

    Hi Aaron, how about to send in Italy one .12 five port version? this engine have rear or side exaust? Thank you and Best Rehards, Giovanni
  9. joebranca

    LeeCraft/Geraghty FE Tunnel Conversion

    Here is the part I used: http://www.horizonhobby.com/Products/Defau...?ProdID=HAN3515 I ground off the mounting horn on the back, drilled out the middle hole, and opened up the two holes on the outside so I could screw it down with 4-40 screws to the HiTec Servo horn you see in the picture. Was easier and cheaper than replacing the Hitech servo. Thank you for the answers Giovanni
  10. joebranca

    LeeCraft/Geraghty FE Tunnel Conversion

    hanger 9 Sorry, but i do not understand . Where I can buy this? it is model fitting (heli, car or other?) Thank you, giovanni
  11. joebranca

    LeeCraft/Geraghty FE Tunnel Conversion

    Hi all, I'm new in this forum and, first, sorry for my language because I come from Italy and I speake a fanciful english (I self study, not in the school). I would like to know were come from the gold steering wheel, because I would like put in one like this in the radio box of my boat. Can you help me? Thank you in advance and Best Regards, giovanni