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  1. longballlumber

    Engine Bearings

    Hi Mike, Hope I didn't wait too long... I would like 3 sets of #2. I also sent a FB message.
  2. longballlumber

    67 CMB GreenHead specs for 1/8 Scale

    Perfect! Thank you.
  3. longballlumber

    67 CMB GreenHead specs for 1/8 Scale

    I am helping "guide" a local friend thru the process of checking out a used .67 CMB GreenHead motor before he fires it up. I am far from a motor guy, but I think I can help him thru the basics if I can get a little help from you guys. The numbers I am requesting are intended to be conservative. I want the boat to get off the beach an on pipe.... Head Clearance? is there a diameter range on the lower rod needles to look for? (how many are there) I can help check bearings and P/L fit. Pipe length (don't know the pipe brand yet) Any info will be appreciated. I will follow and let you guys know how it goes.. Thanks, Ball
  4. Thanks for the reply Bill, When you say "try to accommodate" how and what is used to determine priority between 1/4, 1/3, and SAW? Sorry, I am not trying to be a pest, just trying to understand the pecking order and how the event is run. I'm not interested in making an 8+ hour trip to get bumped or limited attempts. Thanks, Mike
  5. Hi Bill, Can you better explain what this sentence actually means? Thanks
  6. longballlumber

    Pro Marine cats?

    Joseph, here is is the website for ProMarine RC https://www.promarinerc.com/
  7. Thanks Dad, I appreciate all of your help!
  8. Just want to send a BIG thank you to the Cincinnati Model Boat Club! They have an excellent site that is well protected for a TT event. Beyond the location, this is an EXCELLENT group of boaters. We were made to feel very welcome, it was very laid back, and they were very accommodating. Lots of laughs, giggles, and jokes to go around. Don’t be fooled though, these guys have some SMOKING fast LSG boats! I was mesmerized at the RPM’s and their boats ability to turn on that tight 1/4 Mile Oval. Incredibly cool! Brian, Bob, TJ, TJ’s Dad (sorry I forgot already), Mike, Joe, Mark..... and the others that I have missed..... thank you! Later Mike Ball
  9. longballlumber

    Looking for 18XX-17-45 and/or 17XX-17-45

    So I guess I need to start messing with these things. I don't really know what I need, but here is what I think others are using... Let me know what you got! Anyone have some of the 18XX-17-45 props? 1815 1816 1817 1819 Probably should have some of the 17XX-17-45 props to 1715 1716 1717
  10. longballlumber

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    Jeff, the best suggestion I have at this point is to submit a proposal to change the rule. As you can see not everyone agrees how twins should be managed in the FE world. https://nebula.wsimg.com/6d8054fd8fca82f7a51da4c1d52d572a?AccessKeyId=ACA7381D2BFC72351748&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 IMPBA Rule Book Article VIII - Amendments
  11. Thanks to the FAST members and the Murany's for the work to get the event going this fall. Really appreciate what you guys do to keep the event alive!
  12. longballlumber

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    Jeff, for what it’s worth I agree FE twins needs to be addressed. With that being said, I don’t agree that our only answer is to eliminate the ability to run twins. We also have several records in the books that have been set using the current written rules. One idea I have been tossing around to others is managing it with total voltage divided by the number of motors. So in the situation your describing is Q or 6S voltage; if they want to run 2 motors in the Q (6s voltage) 6S class / 2 motors = 3S limit on each motor… Heck, as far as I am concerned they can run 3 motors if they want; 6S class / 3 motors = 2S limit on each motor. The same would apply for S and T classes (respectively 8S and 10S). This still allows racers the freedom to run twins if they like. However, we (the IMPBA) would need to find a solution with Time Trials primarily SAW records.
  13. longballlumber

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    Hi Darryl, I am not sure I understand what you actual question is.... you were asking a question, right? Fact of the mater is; when it comes to FE boats and you REALLY want equality or a “limited” class that keeps motors and controllers safe.... you need to limit and/or control the entire power system. One motor, one controller, one prop, and one battery.... just my 2 pennies
  14. longballlumber

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    Speaking with regards to the IMPBA; identifying the “problems” is the easy part. Coming up with a solution that satisfies the ENTIRE membership is much more difficult. We (the IMPBA), would to love to here your purposed solutions too! I am always available for a phone conversation. Mike Ball IMPBA FE National Director
  15. That is great Glenn! Will be nice to meet you in person!