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  1. longballlumber

    CC HYDRA ICE 2 HV200 Speed Control

    I will take this. I assume PayPal will work?
  2. longballlumber

    Looking for 18XX-17-45 and/or 17XX-17-45

    Thanks Walt, let me know when your order arrives.
  3. longballlumber

    Looking for 18XX-17-45 and/or 17XX-17-45

    Still looking for some raw props listed below? Anyone have some of the 18XX-17-45 props? 1816 Probably should have some of the 17XX-17-45 props to 1715 1716 1717
  4. longballlumber

    L/F Blazer Backlash KIT

    I want to be third in line. Whatever it is it must be good!
  5. longballlumber

    .21 Carb for Sale

    Good snag
  6. longballlumber

    Hawk 3.5 rigger kit wanted

    Great driving boat!
  7. longballlumber


    These are nice packs for a fair price http://www.roaringtopusa.com/
  8. longballlumber


    Assuming you will be using these batteries in a hi-amp draw application, i would not advise the used of car “hard packs” in most FE boats we are using 5.5mm connectors at a minimum. With hard packs, you will be limited to what come with the battery the “C” ratings seem to be inflated when compared to an equal capacity soft pack from a reputable source since the actual batteries are enclosed in a hard case you don’t get to easily do a visual inspection and your temps will be slightly skewed because of the case as well. most importantly, a 5000mAh car pack WILL NOT perform as well as 5000mAh soft high end hobby pack.
  9. longballlumber

    Engine Bearings

    Hi Mike, Hope I didn't wait too long... I would like 3 sets of #2. I also sent a FB message.
  10. longballlumber

    67 CMB GreenHead specs for 1/8 Scale

    Perfect! Thank you.
  11. longballlumber

    67 CMB GreenHead specs for 1/8 Scale

    I am helping "guide" a local friend thru the process of checking out a used .67 CMB GreenHead motor before he fires it up. I am far from a motor guy, but I think I can help him thru the basics if I can get a little help from you guys. The numbers I am requesting are intended to be conservative. I want the boat to get off the beach an on pipe.... Head Clearance? is there a diameter range on the lower rod needles to look for? (how many are there) I can help check bearings and P/L fit. Pipe length (don't know the pipe brand yet) Any info will be appreciated. I will follow and let you guys know how it goes.. Thanks, Ball
  12. Thanks for the reply Bill, When you say "try to accommodate" how and what is used to determine priority between 1/4, 1/3, and SAW? Sorry, I am not trying to be a pest, just trying to understand the pecking order and how the event is run. I'm not interested in making an 8+ hour trip to get bumped or limited attempts. Thanks, Mike
  13. Hi Bill, Can you better explain what this sentence actually means? Thanks
  14. longballlumber

    Pro Marine cats?

    Joseph, here is is the website for ProMarine RC https://www.promarinerc.com/
  15. Thanks Dad, I appreciate all of your help!