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  1. davetheacguy

    Old school OPS .21 case

    Joe, I'm getting older ! Remind Me , what's the brother N Law price ?
  2. davetheacguy

    Old school OPS .21 case

    Guys I just broke My OPS SL 3.5 case. I guess years have taken there toll ? I broke case where carb. pinch bolt is. Anybody got one they would part with ? Thanks Dave B
  3. I need to paint a what can be best called a rainbow on My scale boat and wings ? Not sure how to start. I have the hull painted white.The rainbow is Dark blue, red, orange, yellow. Any suggestions ! Thanks dave
  4. davetheacguy

    Tail Feathers

    So ! Tell Me where I may get these magnets ? dave B
  5. davetheacguy

    Tail Feathers

    Okay. I've been building R/C Scale boat since the 70's. I'm finishing My first boat with wings( 1985 Frank Kenney U-5) I need some Ideas on attaching Wings ? Always stayed away from them ! Before ! I want them to tear away with No damage ? Thanks dave
  6. davetheacguy

    68 U-80 Smirnoff

    Yes ! I'll be in Folkston this week testing ! Just need to figure which boat to run ?
  7. davetheacguy

    68 U-80 Smirnoff

    I'm building it out of wood ! I also know I've need to design the aft section. Roger's plan is not correct (107) the last few bulkheads need some redesign !
  8. davetheacguy

    68 U-80 Smirnoff

    Wednesday, Will be My first time testing in Many years. I'll be testing a Sport 40, My scale (72 Atlas) just went to the paint shop. So I'm already gathering materials I need to start Smirnoff ! My Question, anyone running or have run one ? Thanks dave
  9. davetheacguy

    Picco P67 & P80, Vintage

    I have a pair of reverse pliers. when Ya squeeze them they open. I also warm block, it helps loosen sleeve. It normally pops out ! Oh good luck finding a pair of these pliers ! Tough to come bye !
  10. davetheacguy

    Next Project !

    Well ! I finished My last project ! Now I'm looking for My next ! Surely Some One has an unfinished or damaged boat or kit ? I run sport 21 and 40 also I/8 scale Thanks again !
  11. davetheacguy

    Cowl for #7931 Circus

    Thanks for the help ! I got My cowl !
  12. davetheacguy

    Cowl for #7931 Circus

    Just finished a #7931 hull sport forty. I need a cowl ! Any Help would be Great !
  13. davetheacguy

    L/F AC Sport 40 hydro cowling.

    Good luck with that ! it took Me a year to get one from AC !
  14. davetheacguy

    Cowling for 1/8 Atlas U71

    Check length of cowl from Rc boat co. the 7171 atlas is a long boat ? I had to scratch build Mine.
  15. davetheacguy

    Picco 45

    I just may do that ? I'm tired of this house !