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  1. hydro rob

    Racing- Insane Or Y6?

  2. No but I hear it's pretty nice there...
  3. hydro rob

    Gas Thor Prototype Getting Close!

    What engine? What prop? Weight of the boat? What is the length?
  4. hydro rob

    Gas Thor Prototype Getting Close!

    64 mph? In heat race, rough water, driving for position?
  5. hydro rob

    First Gas Boat Question

    The engine pops when you choke it with your finger, that is when it's ready to go. A high idle is ok, and needle settings are what will make your life easy when starting
  6. hydro rob

    Wild Life And Boating?

    Good times!
  7. hydro rob

    jim's rc boat dock

  8. hydro rob

    jim's rc boat dock

    Gonna have to start going back to church now
  9. Time for Round 4 of District 19 Heat Racing! May 17-18 2014 Sunset Park Lake 2601 E Sunset Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89120 Open water: M-F 7:30am- Dusk All classes offered: Gas, Nitro, FE Sign up on www.rcracingevents.com Deadline to enter is Sunday May 11th at 9:00pm PST. Additional Info on www.namba19.com Host Hotel Info! Boulder Station 4111 Boulder Highway Las Vegas NV 89121 Reservation Info: 800-683-7777 Mention Group; North American Model Boat Association or BCINAB4 for special Rates and Discount!!!! Thursday 33.00 Friday 69.00 Saturday 69.00 Sunday 33.00 Typical Resort Fee in Las Vegas is 12.99 a Night EVERYWHER, however this has been cut to 4.99 a night with the code above along with the special rates. Rates good for both Single or Double rooms. Deadline for Reservations is May 12th. Security will be provided Friday and Saturday night at the park. Jamaican BBQ Food truck will be back by demand both Saturday and Sunday all day! =) Drivers meeting at 7:30am Racing starts at 8:00am Random Teardowns and Inspections may be performed. See you There!
  10. hydro rob

    Model Tunnel Hull Organizations

    Las Vegas maybe?
  11. hydro rob

    Model Tunnel Hull Organizations

    David, are you going to texas?
  12. So.... who is ready for Texas?!
  13. hydro rob

    Miss Vegas speeds

    you dont need to change a thing on that boat, glad to see it running strong still, best speed I ever got was 55.2 on GPS with it stashed in the back, you could shorten the pipe a tad bit and gain a little more, BTW, I was running 50-60% wildcat fuel, and if you need me to build you another motor send it on over, I got the TZ figured out. Dont change the prop or let anyone talk you into using something different, i tried about 17 different props on the miss vegas with my set ups and on others.... the boat you have is the only way to go on a mod vegas, if you guys have questions call me im not on here much at all....702-544-3893 thanks