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  1. Jarcaines

    New Sport 20!

    Yes, KRE.
  2. Jarcaines

    New Sport 20!

    More progress made today.
  3. Jarcaines

    New Sport 20!

    It’s glass. The dark gray is gell coat.
  4. Jarcaines

    New Sport 20!

    Getting some work done on a radio box.
  5. Jarcaines

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    Awesome! That’s very helpful. I think we might be able to pull some sport 20 racers from District 8. I’ll see what I can do.
  6. Jarcaines

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    No Sport 20?
  7. Jarcaines

    NAMBA Membership Portal

    Thanks Al! Sorry about all the emails. I kept getting bounce back notices from Cox. Weird that they went through anyway. Thanks for all your help!
  8. Hey everyone, I have been trying to renew my membership for 2019 for a few weeks now, and when I go to "sign" the terms and agreements, nothing happens when I hit "submit". I tried to email Al but the email I have for him keeps bouncing back. Is anyone else having a problem? Does anyone have a better email for him than namba@cox.net, because that one doesn't seem to be working. Thanks, JR
  9. Jarcaines

    small parts and motors for sale

    I got my needle last week. Sorry I forgot to post and let you know. Everything looks good.
  10. Jarcaines

    New Sport 20!

    More progress made tonight. Drilled for the motor mounts, strut, and stuffing box.
  11. Jarcaines

    New Sport 20!

    Finally going on this. Ride pads built, removed some random plywood from the bottom of the belly pan and Mike Hughes helped me by installing a carbon spar to strengthen it back up. Still some sanding to do, but the next step is drilling it for hardware.
  12. The Fischer sport .40 did share a lot of similarities to this Arno sport .20 and many other NW sport hydros. It was one of the pioneers of sport hydro design.
  13. By the way, these are molded off of Arno Birtts designed boat. Mike Hughes modified the plans and Alford built and laid them up and sold them under the LeeCraft name when he owned the rights and molds.
  14. Jarcaines

    small parts and motors for sale

    $25 sent. I included my address in the PayPal message. Thanks!