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  1. mr_fons

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    Let me get this straight, racing Sunday July 7th to Saturday July 13th..... correct? Room booked. Fons
  2. mr_fons


    Thanks for the input.
  3. mr_fons


    so still can be used in boats with no problems?
  4. mr_fons


    I noticed that most battery powered boats use soft cases over hard cases. Is there a reason this? Thanks
  5. mr_fons

    Prop Balance

    Thanks Mark.
  6. mr_fons

    Prop Balance

    Ray, yes they both do wonderful work and a great service for the hobby but sometimes you need to do your own. Fons
  7. mr_fons

    Prop Balance

    Folks: What is the best/accurate prop balancer to use on our boat props?? Fons
  8. mr_fons

    Glow plug torque specs?

    Personally yes I did strip the threads out of a K&B 7.5 outboard head button, did it in Montana at a race Al Hobbs use to hold around Kalispell (Crazy Al's race). CA'ed the plug in (Jerry Dunlap was shocked I did that) gave a a minute and started it up. I did run for about 4 laps and then the plug blew out (heat probable and Jerry was again shocked it ran so long). Fons.
  9. mr_fons

    Engine temp recommendations please.

    So is this an ideal temperature for all motor sides? Fons
  10. mr_fons

    Motor Mounts $20

    Is this for a Picco P5 .21?
  11. mr_fons

    Anderson Racing Fuel Pump

    are these available else where?
  12. mr_fons

    2018 NAMBA Lone Star Nationals.

    Al Where in Utah and when?
  13. mr_fons

    pistol grip transmitter

    Is Futaba moving away from FASST?
  14. mr_fons

    2018 World Championships in France

    Good luck guys and safe travels. Fons