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  1. mr_fons

    21 mono race

    my last heat at the 2017 NAMBA Nats https://www.facebook.com/debbie.runco/videos/10154985897672555/?t=203
  2. mr_fons

    OS outboard

    Nice buy David.
  3. mr_fons

    NAMBA and IMPBA Hall of Fame

    You're right Rob, missed that and apologize for that comment.
  4. mr_fons

    NAMBA and IMPBA Hall of Fame

    Also hall of fame should extend beyond the boundaries of the USA. Anyone in NAMBA outside the USA is not allowed to join the hall of fame. Fons
  5. mr_fons


    Merry Christmas , hope all is well with you and your growing family. Fons
  6. mr_fons

    2019 NAMBA Nationals

    Let me get this straight, racing Sunday July 7th to Saturday July 13th..... correct? Room booked. Fons
  7. mr_fons


    Thanks for the input.
  8. mr_fons


    so still can be used in boats with no problems?
  9. mr_fons


    I noticed that most battery powered boats use soft cases over hard cases. Is there a reason this? Thanks
  10. mr_fons

    Prop Balance

    Thanks Mark.
  11. mr_fons

    Prop Balance

    Ray, yes they both do wonderful work and a great service for the hobby but sometimes you need to do your own. Fons
  12. mr_fons

    Prop Balance

    Folks: What is the best/accurate prop balancer to use on our boat props?? Fons
  13. mr_fons

    Glow plug torque specs?

    Personally yes I did strip the threads out of a K&B 7.5 outboard head button, did it in Montana at a race Al Hobbs use to hold around Kalispell (Crazy Al's race). CA'ed the plug in (Jerry Dunlap was shocked I did that) gave a a minute and started it up. I did run for about 4 laps and then the plug blew out (heat probable and Jerry was again shocked it ran so long). Fons.
  14. mr_fons

    Engine temp recommendations please.

    So is this an ideal temperature for all motor sides? Fons