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  1. GUPPY

    F/S ATR TS2

    around $60 shipped UPS
  2. GUPPY

    F/S ATR TS2

    price drop $250+shipping
  3. GUPPY

    F/S ATR TS2

    your Rx and Tx. off you go OS XM21 with tuned pipe, polished lower $275+shipping
  4. GUPPY

    F/S RTR TS2

    one last time $300 shipped next will be ebay
  5. GUPPY

    F/S RTR TS2

    looks like people don't like paying for shipping $325 shipped
  6. GUPPY

    F/S RTR TS2

    no takers????
  7. GUPPY

    F/S RTR TS2

    price drop $300+shipping
  8. GUPPY

    F/S RTR TS2

    for sale a TS2 RTR $325 shipped Magnum 3 channel radio R133F receiver OSXM21 w/polished leg tuned pipe X640 2blade some racing scrapes
  9. GUPPY

    Bud boat ?

    maybe winston or vantage ultra?
  10. GUPPY

    Waterproof servo connection question

    dialectric grease works as good as corrosion x if not better
  11. GUPPY

    What's everyone working on for 2016

    sport 20 mod 18
  12. GUPPY

    Happy Birthday Jerry Dunlap

    Happy B-Day JD Hope you have a great one
  13. GUPPY

    what is everyone workin on?

    working on a sport 20 hope she flies but not like a plane
  14. Ron can you send me info please thanks Rich
  15. GUPPY

    MAC .21

    Andy do you remember a while back i purchased one of these from a guy in peorta rico???? still havent seen it i did contact him well tried to fastest hang up i have ever had