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  1. Brian Spitzer

    Happy Birthday Dave Grote

    Happy Birthday Grote!
  2. Brian Spitzer

    Stu Barr

    Stu asked me to put a message on here for him, his phone and internet service is out due to the extreme cold we’re experiencing here in the Midwest. AT&T estimated that service won’t be restored until Monday so please be patient.
  3. Brian Spitzer

    Looking for Bouchie 21 Pipe

    Richard, How about $175 plus shipping?
  4. Brian Spitzer

    Looking for Bouchie 21 Pipe

    I know these are hard to find but worth a shot.
  5. Brian Spitzer

    2019 5th Annual Winter Nitro Championship

    A big thank you to the Brandon and Tampa Clubs for hosting this race and all the volunteers that served us lunch each day. Met a lot of great people and saw some great racing, and will definitely attend again.
  6. Brian Spitzer

    New and used BVM Needle Valves

    Shane, I prefer to ship in the US only as stated in the listing. Sold to Joe, I’ll bring them to Brandon, PM sent with PayPal info or you can pay me at the race, your choice.
  7. Brian Spitzer

    New and used BVM Needle Valves

    2 new and 2 used BVM needle valves for sale. New ones are $45 each, used are $35 each plus $7.20 USPS Priority shipping, continental US only. Can ship multiple valves together. One of the new valves has had the middle Clevis hole tapped for 2-56 threads,it was rigged as a spare but never ran. The used valves have had the knurled area reduced for clearance issues which can be seen in the picture. I will also include some new o-rings with each for the buyer to rebuild the valves. PayPal as friend and family or buyer pays the 3%.
  8. Brian Spitzer

    Silant Engines

    I was very fortunate to race with Jim in the Chicago land area many years ago. He was a true gentleman and a great ambassador for the sport. RIP Jim... not gone... rather forever remembered.
  9. Brian Spitzer

    F/S - CMB 67 P&S and OS 40A Carb

    Is the 67 P/L sold?
  10. Brian Spitzer

    4032 aluminum bar stock

    Jack, I went through some old emails, there’s a good chamce they have the 1.250 you’re looking for, I priced some out last November and they had it then. Brian
  11. Brian Spitzer

    4032 aluminum bar stock

    Jack, if you haven’t already done so, check out eaglealloys.com . They list in on their website, though they don’t show 1.250, they go from 1” to 2.500”.
  12. Brian Spitzer

    ISO NIP VAC-45 4 Port Piston and Liner

    Thanks Charles, well aware it fits and will go with that option if I don't find one.
  13. Brian Spitzer

    ISO NIP VAC-45 4 Port Piston and Liner

    Looking for new 4 Port VAC-45 piston and liner.
  14. Brian Spitzer

    "HUMP" style header .67 Greenhead

    Found these on the Novarossi Italy Website, looks like they might possibly have something with the correct offset, I would think Ron Shaw could order it. http://www.novarossi.it/2012/index.php/en/products/manifolds/plane-rex/10-15-cc.html
  15. Brian Spitzer

    pistol grip transmitter

    +1 To Mikes advice on the 324SBS Receiver. Mike helped me sort out range issues I was having last summer with both my boats using the 4PX TX, in the end it came down to the receiver, switched both out to the 324 and have not had an issue since.