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  1. Brandon White

    Cleaning the shop

    Hey Mike I PM you and Matt.
  2. Brandon White

    F/S: Odds and Ends

    Ok,I will also take the 2 on/off switches too please. Brandon, Its yours I will pm you my paypal addy. Beau
  3. Brandon White

    F/S: Odds and Ends

    I'll take the 40 size turn fin
  4. Brandon White

    Cleaning the shop

    "Used Mac 45. Used in the sport 40. Still a strong running motor with good pinch. $175 shipped". I'll take it for asking price.
  5. Brandon White

    wtb motor mount for Sport 40

    If miniczar passes I would be interested.
  6. I removed the decals off my Sport 40 an I believe the decals were cleared over. How would I get rid of the lines from gel coat surface?
  7. Brandon White

    WTB Aquacraft UL-1

    Just seen a used one on eBay just posted.
  8. Brandon White

    Complete Nitro Racing Package

    I'll be interested in glow plugs.
  9. Brandon White

    F/S Aeromarine misc parts

    Going to pass. Thank you.
  10. Brandon White

    F/S Aeromarine misc parts

    Interested pending pictures.
  11. Brandon White

    B & B Racing SKF Engine bearings for Mac 67, 84

    Not fast enough.
  12. Brandon White

    12th Annual Wine Run

    Brandon White. Only Sport 40 2.4
  13. Brandon White

    MAC 45

    Im just looking for parts for my extra back up motor to fix. If you decide to part it let me know.
  14. Brandon White

    MAC 45

    How much would you sell the parts motor for?