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  1. Daniel's Racing

    Fuel Punps

  2. Daniel's Racing

    Electric starters. Gas pulleys and belts.

    I never did any because the starter itself is so ass backwards for a outboard. I was going to design one that was outboard friendly but refuse to put a cone on one of these and call it a outboard starter. I was going to make a outboard starter or in out combo starter but you hardly sell the regular ones so how long would you sit on one of those. Don't think it is worth doing. I can machine up the outboard cones easily but doing a one off on manual machine is very time consuming and would be hard to get what it is worth. It would be 2 hours from start to finish. Pretty much have to have the rubber insert in hand also so it means ordering one and shipping it here first. It would wind up being roughly a $100 part. Then without your actual starter in hand how would I know the fit is perfect for the shaft. They are not all identical and vary by brand and there are 30 manufacturers of these starter motors. Want to help you get what you need. Do you have a rubber insert you like to use already ?
  3. Daniel's Racing

    Electric starters. Gas pulleys and belts.

    I have 2 starters in stock now. They are on SALE actually. $275 shipped complete with battery and charge cable.
  4. Daniel's Racing

    3/16" shaft bushings 5 for $22 shipped

    I am sorry. Just saw your post. No sir no shafts. Thank you.
  5. Daniel's Racing

    3/16" shaft bushings 5 for $22 shipped

    Do you have any 1/4" Daniel? Yes sir I do. 5 for $25 shipped. Paypal is danielplace1962@yahoo.com Thank you.
  6. All packs are in stock. All packs currently have thick rubberized type of heat shrink that protects the packs much better than thin film type..
  7. Daniel's Racing

    3/16" shaft bushings 5 for $22 shipped

    I have these in stock now. 3/16" soldered collar bushing 5 for $22 shipped. IN US ONLY !!!‚Äč
  8. Daniel's Racing

    Small LiFe Receiver Packs

    Ill take both, great batteries I have three seasons on my current ones you sold me. Brad, Paypal received. Shipping today. Tracking, https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input?qtc_tLabels1=9400109699939367723819 3 seasons is really good for a lithium pack. Appreciate you mentioning that. Thank you.
  9. Daniel's Racing

    Small LiFe Receiver Packs

    In have two more small 800's from this last batch for sale. These are the nice ones with heavy rubberized heat shrink covering on them. 2 for $30 shipped. Paypal is danielplace1962@yahoo.com Thank you.
  10. Daniel's Racing


    The Proton 4 is discontinued entirely. It is not coming back. That is the reason they were able to sell as many as they did and they work. Gotta wonder what they are thinking when they are a new line of radio's and they do something like that. There is no crossover. The GPS is gone.
  11. Daniel's Racing

    Options for cordless starter

    So your not switching it under load all the current is still going through the switch. I think maybe you mean on a wimpy Makita powered Dynatron that will not even start a big nitro or gas engine.. Yes that might work. Only because the battery doesn't have any oomph. A Dynatron on a healthy dose of 24 volt is up over 100 amps under load. Locked rotor is 200+. But the ATV starter based starters that will start everything these things draw upwards of 75-100 when loaded against a high compression gas engine. I expect those jumpers on that switch would pop like a fuse the first time your locked rotor for even a second where amperage shoots over 200 right now especially using the batteries I sell with mine that have 480 amp on tap. Best to get a non polarized bullet connector on the starter side that is reversible in the polarized battery connector. Or just use bullets and be careful connecting to your charge leads.
  12. Daniel's Racing

    Carbon fiber radio interference?

    If your running Futaba Fasst with R603FS it has two antenna's. One is inside the receiver. They both need to be working equally for best range. If you have carbon lid or cowl it is best to open and remove the internal antenna and unplug it from the receiver and buy a second wired one to put in it's place and run them both above the carbon. This mod increases range considerably even if you are not using carbon anywhere.
  13. Daniel's Racing

    Props for speed skiffs

    2514, 7014, 6516 are a few that run well on the Jersey Skiffs. Try the 2514 as it is easiest to come by and usually run very well.
  14. Daniel's Racing


    That kinda blows that radio's sales. The only reason anyone switched to the Hitec in the first place. If it losses it's GPS telemetry function and they won't have that option from a replacement then they totally suck. Lol. FUTABA baby !!
  15. Daniel's Racing

    pistol grip transmitter

    Sad but true. Only the high end 4PX still has it and only for 4 channel receivers. The FHHS does not compare to FASST