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  1.  Martin Hamilton

    Balance point on mono?

    A good starting point for the cg on a mono is 30% from the transom, around 7 1/4" on a 24" boat.
  2.  Martin Hamilton

    Volantex Vector 70 RTR upgrades?

    You are better going to RC Groups Fast Electric Forum for these cheaper end boats as theirs a fair bit on them including various Volantex boats including the Vector 70. One guy has upgraded the Vector 70 with an sss3660-2070kv motor & Hobbywing 90a esc running 4s with X442 getting 46 mph.
  3.  Martin Hamilton

    A/A 45 Titanium Rod

    Al on a different note, I understand that Axe Rossi made the A/A motors for you. Just out of interest Axe Rossi seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Do you know what has happened to them as a company, im not after any of their products but just curious after them being around for many years. Thanks Martin.
  4.  Martin Hamilton

    Engineering's been busy!

    I used to have the forerunner to your Super 11 the Emco V10 P lathe ( great lathe ) for around 21 years ( 1994 - 2015 ) . This was a 1977 machine but had a gear in the headstock explode causing terminal damage inside the headstock ( simply not viable to repair on an old machine with parts so scarce & very expensive if you could find some ). Nowadays I only want something for making smaller parts ie drive dogs, flex stub shafts, couplings etc etc, I am still not sure if I want to chance going with one of the various Chinese made lathes though.
  5.  Martin Hamilton

    Engineering's been busy!

    When you say 0.025" cuts do you mean taking 0.025" off the diameter or radius, in the UK their are still lots of quality made accessories still available for the C5 still made in Austria but I understand these are made by another company for Emco Hobby machines . When I was in hospital in the UK I had 2 ct scans & 1 mri scan, what they found was a blood clot in some tiny blood vessels at the back of my brain that go to the affected eye. Once the clot had cleared both eyes were able to focus together rather than seeing the same object twice ( both eyes were looking at different areas to one another ). Now back to what seems normality im on Statins for life for cholesterol control & blood pressure tablets for life & aspirin a day, not sure if the aspirin will be for life yet.
  6.  Martin Hamilton

    Engineering's been busy!

    Terry I notice you have an Emco Compact 5 lathe along with the Emco Super 11, can I ask your opinion on the little Compact 5. Re its accuracy & general ability on smallish work, do you get much chatter generally from the machine considering that it also uses plain ballraces on the headstock spindle & not taper roller bearings. Its just that I have been offered a like new Compact 5 lathe that I was considering. I to like you had a TIA back in early June 2017 but only spent a week in hospital, mine only affected my vision ( terrible double vision ) & balance to which my vision returned to normal after about 3 weeks. Hope you are progressing with your recovery. Many thanks & regards Martin.
  7.  Martin Hamilton

    ? about a two part flex shaft.

    To grease the solid stub shaft you must remove the strut, then remove the prop nut followed by the prop & drive dog. The solid shaft then slides out pushing it out of the front of the strut. As said drill a grease hole in the strut to grease this shaft, but you still have to remove the strut to get the flex out to clean & re grease. Most simply change out the stock 2 piece flex & stub for a 3/16"1 piece welded flex shaft, where you only have to undo the coupling & simply slide out the 1 piece shaft for greasing.
  8.  Martin Hamilton

    scuffing or waxing which better faster

    Turn your polished hull upside & wet the hull, the water forms into beads clinging to the hull due to the waters surface tension. Do the same with a scuffed hull & the water runs completely of the hull leaving the hull dry.
  9.  Martin Hamilton

    Solder prep?

    Go to Youtube & put in, How to shorten or repair hard motor wires. Dead easy & clean & done in minuets.
  10.  Martin Hamilton

    Solder prep?

    Forget messing with any chemicals to remove the coating, many things have be tried before with little effect. Over at OSE forum KFXguy simply used his bench grinder with a wire wheel on, this removed all of the coating very quickly indeed & solder tinned easy. I seem to remember he posted a video of the whole job.
  11.  Martin Hamilton

    strut adjustment for zelos48

    Go to Offshore Electrics Forum, lots of very good info on the Zelos. Rafael Lopez Proboats product developer is also on their as well.
  12.  Martin Hamilton

    Looking for Darin Jordan

    Try contacting Darin over at Offshore electrics Forum, he spends more time over their.
  13.  Martin Hamilton

    is it worth it? Good choice

    Go to Hobbyking , they sell the Turnigy Marine 120a boat esc for $56 + cheap shipping. Product id TR-M-120a, they are available from Hobbyking international warehouse in the Netherlands, the Turnigy 120a esc is the same esc as the Seaking 120a just relabled Turnigy.
  14.  Martin Hamilton

    fe rigger

    Gill how do you find the performance, temps & IR between the A-Spec & Dinogy. Martin.
  15.  Martin Hamilton

    fe rigger

    If you go to Gills website that he has listed www.grsboats.com.br he has all the info.
  16.  Martin Hamilton

    fe rigger

    Gill you can hear the better efficiency of a quality motor like the Neu over the budget Leopards, also have you checked the internal resistance on the Aspecs yet. Boat & motor is running sweet. Regards Martin.
  17.  Martin Hamilton

    Anyone know the A/A 21 rod length ?

    Centre to centre 29.5mm.
  18.  Martin Hamilton

    Tether boat pics

    James im in the UK, as far as i know tether boat running died in the US many years ago, the blue flash steamer in the above vid is Bob Kirtley. That particular run is no where near its potential, from memory when i saw that run i think it was around 104mph. He has done 120mph which was a world record up until late 2012 when a fellow competitor in the UK recorded over 122mph. Every part of these steamers apart from ball races are home designed & built.
  19.  Martin Hamilton

    tether line hydros

    Gill their is now classes for electric tether hydros, still in early days for these classes. With the smallest size boats which are old 3.5cc boats their not far off the ic engine speeds in official compatition. However im told that in practic in the Ukraine they have done 250kph (156mph) with a small size motor & 4s. Regards Martin.
  20.  Martin Hamilton

    Tether boat pics

    As said an elastic bungee is used for launch along with a mighty throw, before the bungee was used around 30 years ago we had to launch with just a throw which is an art in itself without dunking the boat. With the advent of the bungee gave more consistant launches but like every thing this pushed things to use narrower running surfaces, different angles, larger props & more difficult to use motors set ups. The boats are timed over 5 laps with 100 metres per lap so 500metres in total, after launching once the boat is running the competitor raises his arm when he wants the timing to begin & timing begines at the start of the next lap. Tether wire is piano wire, diameter depends on class of boat ie the smallest waterscew class is 3.5cc & has a weight limit of max 2.5lbs + wire diameter of .6mm or .024" (most competative boats in this class would weigh around 1.75lbs). Fuel used in Naviga class boats which are the fastest boats are not allowed to use nitro only 80% methanol & 20% castor oil. Propellers are nearly all home made cut from a single piece of high tensile steel. Classes in Naviga are B1 2.5cc airscrew, A1 3.5cc waterscrew, A2 7.5cc waterscrew & A3 10cc waterscrew, here in the UK we also have additional classes for homemade engines ie 15cc, 30cc, with a couple of flash steam classes. Seeing a flash steamer of around 16lbs circulating at 122mph is quite a sight ecspecially if its just after sunset & just starting to get dark with the entire boiler glowing ret hot including seeing the burners jets alight along with a long flame coming out of the rear of the boiler following the boat. Looks just like a jet fighter flame, the sound from the motor & boiler are incredible & you wouldnt believe you could get the revs out of a steam engine. Martin Hamilton.
  21.  Martin Hamilton

    .28 Engines

    If you go to www.smru.se then click on Teknik on the left side of the page then half way down the page listed Motorer - Engines. Theirs a list of various motors used, scroll down to Novarossi 28 - 4.66cc & youll see better detailed pics of an ealier model. But the designs are still the same design still being used.
  22.  Martin Hamilton

    .28 Engines

    Martin any pics of the motor? Go to www.smru.info/. not the best detailed pic but gives an idea.
  23.  Martin Hamilton

    SUPER exciting new motor from Novarossi!!!

    Re WD 40, Novarossi has stated for years do not use WD 40 on the internal surfaces of their motors. If you go to www.novarossi.it & look under FAQ at the top of the page then 6 from the bottom of the page headed. What is after run oil & how to use it, they state do not use WD 40 on the internal surfaces of their motors.
  24.  Martin Hamilton

    .28 Engines

    Mark the 28 Nova does indeed hold the class 4, 5cc tether car world record @ the speed you quote by Jan-Erik Falk from Sweden. His Nova is totally rebuilt with an entire new bottom half, the motor is turned 180degrees so the exhaust is above the crank. A new crank & front housing is made along with a new induction system with a Zimmerman valve, pipes are also a bit special as well. A Nova 21 also holds the class 3, 3.5cc world record, motor also built in the same way with Zimmerman design. Martin.