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  1. Dick Loeb

    silent engines

    RIP Mr. Steve. Dick an Carol Loeb
  2. Dick Loeb

    2017 GAS NATS reg Jan 28 900am

    REMEMBER 9;00AM SIGN UP....for IMPBA GAS NATS Sat Jan 28th... Lets go raceing
  3. Dick Loeb

    2017 GAS NATS reg Jan 28 900am

    Jan24 is ODMBA club sign up only everyone else Sat 28 will be signup..Please dont try to sign on club day you will be deleted.. Thanks Dick Loeb
  4. Dick Loeb

    2017 GAS NATS reg Jan 28 900am

    Its almost time for sign up pls read the rule book for the classes you intend to run.. It is a IMPBA rules only race.. Thanks Dick
  5. Pls only 4 boat sign up per person....We will fill classes with more entries at a later date (ie waiting list)... We will run special classes gas scale,gas tunnel 6 boat min...
  6. Dick Loeb

    HBD Dick

    Thanks guys had a nice day,, was alive
  7. Dick Loeb

    clean off the shelf !

    if ron backs out im intrested
  8. fun boat with a k&B goldhead 1st tunnel i ever raced
  9. Congrats to you an your Dad its been a long time comming. Good luck on Sunday.. Dick Loeb
  10. Dick Loeb

    sell me on a fuel bag over hard tank

    zippkit bags
  11. Dick Loeb

    MC-9 glow plugs

    are there any left?
  12. Dick Loeb

    MC-9 glow plugs

    ill take 1 card
  13. Dick Loeb

    Andy Brown 1445's, cupped and cut.

    can i get a 3.3 or r they all gone.
  14. i dont think anybody will mind ,,lets just have some fun
  15. ODMBA 7037 Suburban Arch Norfolk,Va 23505 Mailing address to get your checks in .. Thank you Dick Loeb Need some nitro boats and more tunnel boats