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  1. XtremeRcBoats

    Heat wrapping

    I've seen several boats on the forum with heat wrapping around the pipes, so I decided I also want to give it a try. I've orderd some rescue tape and currently waiting for it arrives. Before I start on it, I have a couple of questions: - I intend to use it on riggers, for what size engines does it work best? (I've got 21's, 45's and 84/91) - I also got some outboards (21/45), but never seen pictures from wrapped pipes. I think it would work there well with all the water splashing on the pipe? - Do you only wrap the pipe, or also the header? - Once the wrap is on, what to you change on the setup, rich it a bit? Thanks for the help.
  2. XtremeRcBoats

    Buid a custom metal Gas tank

    Thanks Gabe, then I don't have to do it.
  3. XtremeRcBoats

    Buid a custom metal Gas tank

    I built 2 tanks a few years back, also out of stainless steel. Was not an easy job but the video helped a lot.
  4. XtremeRcBoats

    Buid a custom metal Gas tank

    It is too big to post. Grim is it ok if I put it on YouTube?
  5. XtremeRcBoats

    Buid a custom metal Gas tank

    If you can't find the video, I think I have also saved it somewhere on my computer.
  6. Ron, if Rod doesn't have the logo. I can send you mine. I traced the original decal in Coreldraw back then so now it is vectorized. Mike is correct, there has also been a Leecraft gashydro. Here is a picture of it.
  7. Ron, what kind of decals for the XT460 are you looking for? These are the ones I made. I made them from a decal I got with my XTR21 back in 1999.
  8. XtremeRcBoats

    Boris Flow Meter

    Nice snatch Henkie. Still love my flow meter, can not do without it.
  9. XtremeRcBoats

    4 x used Violett needle valves.

    Got it already, thanks!
  10. XtremeRcBoats

    4 x used Violett needle valves.

    Tnx, I'll let you know when I get it.
  11. XtremeRcBoats

    4 x used Violett needle valves.

    Just send you the money. See my PM for shipping details. Tnx!
  12. XtremeRcBoats

    4 x used Violett needle valves.

    Hi Terry, I'll take them with normal shipping to the Netherlands. Can you send me a total and you paypall address.
  13. XtremeRcBoats

    Slingshot almost done

    Thanks for your info. Right now I can't change much to the rears. If something happens and I need to modify it, i'll think about your comment. As for the brace I'll see what I can do. Right now building is a bit slow, so it will take some time to get it in water and experience it first hand.
  14. XtremeRcBoats

    JAE rigger fuel tank

    Same with me, also built a tank with the help of your video. Very helpful.
  15. XtremeRcBoats

    Slingshot almost done

    Henry / Lay26, can you give some more info about your comment about: - not to attach rear sponsons right away - not to attach the brace over the fuel bag right away I bought the boat pre-built and both are glued in place. Thanks for your help.