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    2.4 ghz vs 27 0r 75mhz

    thanks guys, think ill wait to upgrade, sport user only run by myself and have never had a frequency or gliche problem. thanks again.
  2. chapsgixxer

    2.4 ghz vs 27 0r 75mhz

    hey guys still running 27 mhz , need a new radio for my new boat, is there a difference in response or is it just a safer freq????
  3. chapsgixxer

    right prop?

    thanks mark, do you have any of these for sale? im not a racer just play for fun, i dont need anything done to them other than s/b.thanksLMK
  4. chapsgixxer

    ops 3.5 side exhaust

    thanks bill but shut down is the problem. servo has too much travel rolls backwards and opens carb on opposite sise . tried playin with linkage and servo several times and when i get closing right then it doesnt open all the way. does anyone have one for sale?
  5. chapsgixxer

    right prop?

    running hawk outrigger with 3.5 picco motor. props ive tried have been prather stainless 225,220,and 215. all three have been balanced and polished. 225 boat dies as soon as it hits the water, turns 220 ok and i only use 215 when i have tuning issues. want to try something else where is a good place to start???
  6. chapsgixxer

    ops 3.5 side exhaust

    does anyone know of a carb that fits ops 3.5 with side exhaust? stock barrell rolls around and never closes completey. thanks sean
  7. chapsgixxer

    which engine is better

    building a sport hydro 40 that needs power. looking into .45 ops and os max .46 not sure which one to use. i have never raced just the occasional weekend warrior. which would be better?
  8. chapsgixxer

    ops 45 vs os max

    hey guys putting together a sport 40 which engine is better? can get both for the same price, i have never raced only use boats for fun every couple of weekends. i also need motor mount and tuned pipe if anyone has one for sale.
  9. chapsgixxer

    FS - 7.5 Cajun Bullet Rigger

    if you split it up i might be interested in both engines, just let me know
  10. chapsgixxer

    few motors and pipe for sale

    do you still have motors??im interested
  11. chapsgixxer

    carb adjustments

    last few runs have been short, boat seems to break up partway through run. leaner or richer seems to make it worse. any suggestions, i have attached video sorry guys, im running an aeromarine popeyes catamaran with one of the older ops .21 with side exhaust, rpm rod stock carb with os in flight needle. using mccoy mc-9 plug with 60 percent fuel.pipe length is set at 7-3/4"having trouble with video can email if someone is interested.
  12. chapsgixxer

    wtb k&b .67 connecting rod and .21 or .45 engine

    how much are you looking to get?interested in both as a package deal, do the motors have rear exhaust?wanted to use paypal if thats ok just let me know. thanks sean
  13. please email me at chapsgixxer@hotmail.com
  14. chapsgixxer


    kb7.5 and picco still for sale??email me at chapsgixxer@hotmail.com
  15. chapsgixxer

    motors and pipes for sale