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  1. 1olddog

    K&B 3.5 Outboard Set Screw

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I sold a K&B 3.5 cut for an electric conversion to a guy and gave him this prop shaft assembly in case he wants to try to fix it.
  2. 1olddog

    K&B 3.5 Outboard Set Screw

    I didn't have a small enough punch so I used a small allen wrench and tapped it out. The unit had a lot of wobble in it and I thought I might be able to put a brass sleeve in it to take the wobble out.This little prop shaft assemblies are costly so I thought I might be able to rebuild it.
  3. 1olddog

    K&B 3.5 Outboard Set Screw

    Anybody know what size allen wrench the set screw on the drive dog on a K&B 3.5 cc outboard takes ? I looked on Mecoa's site but found no info about it.
  4. 1olddog

    K&B 3.5 Lower

    Price lowered to $40 + shipping
  5. 1olddog

    K&B 3.5 Lower

    SOLD.....Polished K&B 3.5 lower unit with new stainless steel screws,teflon tube and flexshaft.Also comes with prop shaft,bullet prop nut, transom mount and water pickup tube. Will need water line to the pickup.Has some marks on other side from cutting off long screws,that doesn't affect operation. Speckles aren't on unit,just in pic.Price is $40 + shipping. Will ship worldwide
  6. 1olddog

    Calling it quits

    Bob, I found one,but thanks for your help.
  7. 1olddog

    Calling it quits

    As little as possible.I have to bore out where the prop shaft enters and exits the lower to accept a 3/16" or 1/4" prop shaft. May mess it up so something that's not good ,but all there. Maybe around $20
  8. 1olddog

    Calling it quits

    Bob, do you have a used K&B 7.5 lower cheap without the internal parts ? Just using it for a project,so it doesn't need to be pretty.I called you once about it ,but couldn't understand our conversation,because you were outside in windy conditions.Below is what I want to do with it. Trying to make a steerable outdrive like the one pictured for a big hull I have.
  9. 1olddog

    DPI Outboard Cover Instructions

    Got instructions from another member on RC Groups.
  10. FOUND Looking for a set of instructions on how to attach the cover to a K&B 3.5cc lower unit.I'll be using an electric motor instead of a K&b 3.5cc.
  11. 1olddog

    Outboard Skeg

    Would one of these work ?Just cut off the skeg. http://hyperprod.bizhosting.com/3_5_angle_drive.html
  12. 1olddog

    Class C Racing Runabout

    I might just try that if I can find a projector. Would I have to trace the plans first or see if the ones from the build article that I printed enlarge and come out clear enough ?
  13. 1olddog

    Class C Racing Runabout

    Does anyone have the plans for it that they might want to sell or make a copy of at my expense ? It was in the Sept 2004 issue of RCM magazine.It was a yellow boat with a K&b 3.5 outboard on it.The plans were by Bob Stark.RCM is no longer with us,so this is the only way to get plans.I have the build article that has the plans in it ,but coping them or putting them on a disk hasn't worked. Racing Runabout Build Article.zip
  14. 1olddog

    What Is It

    I've been told this is to hold a nitro fuel tank in an r/c boat,but I'm not sure.I build and run gassers,so this is foreign to me.It's made of plywood and is coated and fits between 5" rails.It was in a box of stuff I bought from an r/c store that went out of business.I've been trying to give it away on other sites,with the person taking it paying the postage,but no takers yet.Thought maybe I've been advertising it as something it's not.
  15. 1olddog

    42" Predator

    Price is reduced to $100 + shipping