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  1. Hi Marty can you add my name to the XL T-shirt list I sent the payment to you. Thanks Tim Johnson

  2. Your not starting anything. As far as what Andy is saying then yes you will need to contact Marty Davis as this is his race! I'm just the secretary of the club that actually puts the race on and does the work. Not my race, is the combined race of the Brandon Model Boaters and the Tampa Model Boat Club.
  3. Am I missing something here. We have a 300 boat max. Registration says 255 entered and 41 of them are shirts. So from my math there are still 86 spots left????? 231 boats entered to date....
  4. I changed your selection.
  5. That would be the general "X" class. But several years ago people who raced smaller single engine riggers wanted a class where an .80, .90, 1.0" boats could race without having to run against Twins or a monster single 30cc boat. So a "Single F/X Rigger" class was created with the limit set at 1.05" and a single engine. I think this is a general out line and clubs can modify the size limits a bit. The size limit is normally stated in the race flyer at IMPBA events. The Nitro Champs Flyer makes no statement about engine size. I am sure that Marty will confirm 1.05". This is from the Fall nats flyer - * SPECIALTY CLASS: Single engine F Hydro, Max CID 1.05", race rules. NAMBA Rules... 1.05
  6. If you are planning to race at the 2019 Winter Nitro Championships in Brandon Florida, there are only 11 spots left and then we start a waid lise. Better get entered. Don't miss this race. Also, We would like to fill out the class sponshipfor this race. Here are the classes that are open: Sponsorships are $100 per class. A Mono, B Mod Tunnel, Open Nitro Outboard, B Mono, C Hydro, C Mono, Sport 21. URDATED 09/25/18 11:00 am Help us sell out these sponsorships..........
  7. I just opened the entry for the 2019 Winter Nitro Championships. We tested and everything is working perfectly. The entry portal is: http://rcracingevents.com We are offering T Shirts this year and if you want one, place a check mark on the size you want in the section where the classes are. If you want more than one, contact me directly and I will give you instructions how to do that. They are $15 each. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at: marty at 1nitrorc.com as I don't visit this forum very often.
  8. I am going to activate the entry for the 2019 Winter Nitro Championships tomorrow. We have a club meeting tonight to finalize a few things and then we are ready to take entries. You will find on the entry for classes that at the bottom of the classes are several sizes of T Shirts that you can choose when you enter. If you want more than 1 T Shirt, please contact me directly at marty at 1nitrorc.com and I will let you buy extras directly. My phone number and email are on the entry form. We look forward to all of you this year. I think that you will find that we have many more new things making the race even better than it has been. Can't wait for January Marty Davis
  9. MartyDavis

    Nitro Nats 2018 Rollout

  10. *** An update on the 5th Annual Nitro Winter Championships..... *** The dates for the race are January, 18-20, 2019. The location is the same as it has always been: Dover Park, 2820 Gallagher Rd, Dover Florida, 33527. The race this year is sanctioned by NAMBA. We have many new and exciting things we have added this year which all will really like. We will open up the registration as soon as we have final details worked out.....Watch RCRacingEvents.com for the opening of the registration. I will announce the opening of the registration here on IW. The main components and details are as follows: 300 BOAT LIMIT 3 QUALIFYING ROUNDS PER CLASS. (Top 6 Boats go to Championship Round) 2 CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDS PER CLASS MIN. SIX BOATS/CLASS. AWARDS 1-3 PLACE. PROCEEDS DISTRIBUTED to RACERS as Gift Certificates. NAMBA SANCTIONED ALL ENTRIES MUST INCLUDE AN ALTERNATE FREQUENCY(Except DSM) ENTRY PAYMENT DUE 12/31/2018 If not paid, wait list will be entered in unpaid slot(s). EXTRA HEATS ADDED TO LARGE CLASSES FOR UNFILLED CLASSES IF YOU DON'T USE PayPal. Mail in "Paid Entry" or Call CD. ENTRY FEE $15 PER BOAT LATE ENTRY $20. (+$15 Registration) NOISE LIMIT FOR ALL CLASSES 95 DB OR LESS. Full MILL WITH 30 SECOND CLOCK. 50 POINT DEDUCTION FOR CUT BUOYS. ENTRY DEADLINE POSTMARKED BY 01/13/2019. CONTROLLED OPEN WATER 1/17/2019 POND OPENED FOR TRAILERS & SETUP (Wednesday) 1/16/2019 MID DAY NO PHONE ENTRIES ALLOWED. DRIVERS MEETING 7:30 AM (1/18/2019) FIRST HEAT STARTS AT 8:00 AM. (1/18/2019) STARTING TABLES PROVIDED AND MUST BE USED. NO PETS ALLOWED, EXCEPT DOGS ON 6' LEAD ROPE MAX Race Location: 2820 Gallagher Rd, Dover FL 33527 GPS Coordinates: Front Gate N27 59 15.56 W82 14 9.93 I don't visit IW much so it is best to contact me directly. Marty Davis 727-385-0732 mdavis76@tampabay.rr.com
  11. I got a message from Dick Jones asking if I would see if I could get the phone number of Don Ferette so that he can get his credentials to get back on IW. Can someone give me his phone number so that I can give to Dick? Thanks,
  12. MartyDavis

    Silent Engines

    Ed Hughey was my Mentor when I started in this hobby. He was smart beyond your imagination and was the creator of many of the fine products we use today. He will be missed.