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  1. Rod Hendricks and Norm Doerr are doing the engine raffle. It will be kind of cool as you will be able to pick the engine that you want to buy tickets for rather than take a chance on engines you have no interest in. The general raffle prizes will be a stretch sold by Justin and Family. The SUPER Flow Meter will be in the general raffle at this point.
  2. MartyDavis

    Autocad Block

    Anyone have a 21 Nova Rossi Engine Block for Autocad?
  3. SURE, that sounds like a great idea.
  4. MartyDavis

    Ceramic Head Buttons?

    Here is a reply from Brian Callahan. No idea about the catalyst coating, but I do have experience with thermal resistant coatings. Not exactly the same thing as a whole head made of insulating material but close. Most people fail to think about the compression stroke. Heat saved by the insulator during expansion makes the chamber hotter and the gas to compress also hotter. This drops density which reduces trapped charge mass. In turn power and torque are reduced. Compared to the extra expansion work achieved on the downstroke, there is a small net loss. Also detonation is aggravated. This means lower compression ratio or higher octane fuel (less nitro) would be required. Both hurt power and torque. Toyota and a lot of OEMs studied this concept to death in the 80s. The overwhelming consensus is that the concept is fundamentally flawed. I would not waste any time on it.
  5. I have decided to offer the New Beta Version of the Engine Analysis Software at a price that I have never offered during the Christmas Holiday. I will sell a limited number of the program at $75 (regular $130). This new version has many new things including Time/Angle/Area analysis, Squish Velocity Calculations, and a number of over small items. This will allow you to tune and modify your engines like the pro engine builders and will raise your performance level a bunch. To order the software write directly to me and I will send the program to you directly. When you contact me, I will direct you to PayPal to pay directly and then send the program to you via email with attachment. Marty Davis salesmwd at tampabay.rr.com 727-385-0732
  6. MartyDavis

    Engine Bearings

    Mike: I am sorry to see you bash BocaBearings. We just got a nice bunch of merchandise for our raffle for the Winter Nitro Championships from Boca and they have been reliable contributors for as long as this race has happened. As for their bearings, I have been racing for longer than I can remember and have ALWAYS used Boca Bearings with good success, so I suspect that your post was intended to sell bearings at the expense of Boca Bearings. Not cool..... Marty Davis
  7. Anyone that wants to be put on the waiting list, please post here and I will put you on based on the time/date that you requested. Be sure to specify the class(s) you want to run. Marty
  8. YES.....Contact me directly and I will add any that are running the less than filled classes.
  9. Tom, I closed the entries but will add you to C Mono. Give me the frequency. Marty
  10. We will miss you Julian.... Marty
  11. John: The classes that are still open are: A Mono, B Mono, C Mono and B Mod Outboard Tunnel. Marty
  12. We are now in a position that we still need to fill these classes: A Mono, B Mod Tunnel Outboard, B Mono, C Mono and Sport 21. Everything else is spoken for. Price top sponsor a class is $100 and this money helps add to the prize certificates for the winners. We sure would appreciate any support for these remaining classes. Contact me directly for info..... Currently 275 entries with: 46 B Hydros, 32 A Hydros, 27 C Hydros, 29 Twin Hydros. THIS IS AMAZING AND CAN'T WAIT FOR THE COMPETITION !! Marty Davis 727-385-0732 marten at tampay.rr.com
  13. We still have a few openings for sponsorship of classes for the Winteer Nitro Championships. They are $100 per class and the help would be greatly appreciated. Check out the entries on RCRacingEvents.com. An example is 46 entries for 40 hydro, 32 for 21 hydro, 29 for Twin Hydro. This race has become an International favorite as we have many entries from all over the World. The Classes that are open are: A Mono, B Mod Tunnel Outboard, B Mono, C Mono, Sport 21. We would love to have you sponsor a class...... Contact me directly at mdavis76 at tampabay.rr.com 727-385-0732 Marty Davis
  14. Hi Marty can you add my name to the XL T-shirt list I sent the payment to you. Thanks Tim Johnson

  15. Your not starting anything. As far as what Andy is saying then yes you will need to contact Marty Davis as this is his race! I'm just the secretary of the club that actually puts the race on and does the work. Not my race, is the combined race of the Brandon Model Boaters and the Tampa Model Boat Club.