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  1. henkie

    KEPS TPL12 NOVA 12's

    Nice i would like to see more of this build Or is this just a joke ?
  2. henkie

    WTB, PPB Cat Mean Machine

    This is one of his new boats. He made this after he decided not to sell them anymore. So i think it's very very hard to find one .
  3. Tim you're right. The assembled third needle get's in the way with the motormount. Normally you would turn the carb a little bit but this one is bolted to the crankcase with two bolts.
  4. Stuart just the other way around. The first picture is what i have and the second how i need it to be.
  5. I've got a .21 valvola redhead and need to replace the third channel needle. I know which part i need but not where to get it. I've included 2 picture's.
  6. henkie

    Buildlog Wildthing .21

    I always build my boats with this gleu and never had a problem. The first boat i build was 24 years ago and that one is still running.
  7. henkie

    Buildlog Wildthing .21

    Just ordinary wood gleu from the brand Bison. The outside get's a cloth from 50 gram and the inside carbonfiber . Inside and outside will be seald with epoxy.
  8. henkie

    Buildlog Wildthing .21

    And further we go. First the hardware i have ordered for this mono. 1: The rudder off M.T.C powerboat.de. 2: The powertrim off M.T.C powerboat.de. 3: The trimtabs. 4: The enginemount. 5: lumberholes. 6: Buildingboard fixated to the table. 7: Frame placed on the buildingboard. 8: Gleud the skin on the last 2 frames and fixated temporarily with staples. 9: overvieuw. 10: Pulled the nose together and glued the skin on the forward spar. Also temporarily fixated with staples. 11: close up staples.
  9. henkie

    Buildlog Wildthing .21

    David i already had them on my computer before i bought the kit.
  10. henkie

    Buildlog Wildthing .21

    Edit got it now.
  11. henkie

    Buildlog Wildthing .21

    Edit got it now.
  12. henkie

    Buildlog Wildthing .21

    Recently bought from Bob and started the build. 1 : Parts for building board 2 : Parts building board glued. 3 : The parts for the transom and radiobox. 4 : These 2 parts glued. 5 : The middle spar (?) 6 : The front spar (? 7 : The 3 spars (?) 8 : The 2 parts of the enginerail. 9: These 2 parts glued. 10 : Enginerail and spar (?) glued. 11 : Other enginerail also glued. 12 : Front spar (?) glued. 13 : Side's of the radiobox glued. 14 : All together on the buildingboard and glued. 15 : And maybe the powersource for this boat. I also got a greenhead i don't know which one is the better one for a mono ? (?) is i don't know if this is the right word.
  13. henkie

    Boris Flow Meter

    Yes i believe it also. I got 2 twins to do some fine tuning. I think it's much easier with the flowmeter.
  14. henkie

    Boris Flow Meter

    Payment made Chris
  15. henkie

    Boris Flow Meter

    I can do pay pall and my adress is in the pm i send.