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  1. Daniel, I will take a set Paypal sent.
  2. PropNut

    FE faces some interesting challenges.

    For those that follow threads on OSE, I would encourage a look at the following thread. The comments by Mike Paganelli (many time NAMBA Q Cat champion) are of note. https://forums.offshoreelectrics.com/showthread.php?60027-6s-Q-cat-for-IMPBA
  3. PropNut

    copying model boat plans

    Bob, Here is the cat plan reduced to 24" and on an A1 size sheet. Download, copy to a USB stick and take the stick to Staples, Office Depot, Kinko's, etc. They will be able to print them for you. 24 Inch A1 Cat Plans.pdf
  4. PropNut

    small cat plans or maybe a kit

    Here are some generic cat plans that can be scaled to your liking. Catamaran_1.PDF
  5. PropNut

    Woods Radio Seals Deal!

    Tim, I will take two 3 seal kits. PM me on payment details. Thanks, Ray
  6. PropNut

    Pro Marine cats?

    We are there by 8:30 and this time of year usually finish about noon due to the heat.
  7. PropNut

    Pro Marine cats?

    Hey Shawn, We have a few of them in the club, they run well. Come on down!
  8. PropNut

    D-3 one day races?

    With a small tweak to the P-Spec class to include cats i.e. P-Spec (P-Ltd) Mono/Cat, I believe there would be a significant amount of interest from the FE guys.
  9. PropNut

    Course markers

    Terry, I second Roberts comments. Those are really "hard" bouys.
  10. PropNut

    AC Sport 40 (I have 2 of them) Thomas Sport 21

    Don, I am very interested in the white AC Sport 40. Would like to be #1 in line for purchase. I will stop by your pit at Brandon next weekend. All the best, Ray Rankl
  11. PropNut

    37th Annual Orlando Winter Nationals

    Thanks for taking the lead on this Ken!
  12. PropNut

    Fiego info help

  13. PropNut

    9 FE records set at Valdosta Speedweek

    Congrats to all! Nice to see Jason Sims back in the saddle.
  14. PropNut

    L/F AC Sport 40 hydro cowling.

    I ordered one from Andy a few months ago, got it in a week.
  15. PropNut

    HBD Andy Greene

    Happy b-day!